Battle of Leyte

When the small task force in charge of protecting Gen. MacArthur‘s rearguard found itself surprised by the Japanese Center Force in Leyte Gulf on Oct. 23, 1944, they didn’t expect to win. Twenty-seven Japanese warships — including the largest battleship ever made, the fearsome Yamato — bore down on Taffy 3 U.S. Task Force to blast landed U.S. troop like sitting ducks.

The U.S., who didn’t expect the enemy to appear on the horizon, left land forces protected only by planes with depth charges and destroyers so light they were called “tin cans.”

Gen. MacArthur upon landing in Leyte

First they set up smoke screens to mask the retreat of U.S. aircraft carriers. While these light destroyers were doing this, Capt. Evans of the U.S.S. Johnston, without orders, broke ranks and charged the approaching ships on a torpedo run. Other ships watched incredulous what would surely be a suicide mission.

But the Johnston miraculously wasn’t hit as 27 Japanese ships trained their guns on it. It sailed to within five miles, fired its torpedoes, and scored a hit on enemy forces. Seeing this, other U.S. destroyers became brave to enter the fray. When the battle was over, the vastly superior

A forgotten hero, Capt. Evans

Japanese fleet retreated, American troops were safe, and history was written. The “greatest mismatch of naval history” was won by the underdogs.

Does this describe your church? You’re attacking futilely an enemy so large and fierce. You feel outgunned, outmanned, and outsmarted. You’re out-financed. You have practically no finances. Well, certainly not enough finances. But you have one potent weapon: daring.

You dare to continue serving the Lord. Finances are down to a trickle. Make a prayer run to torpedo the enemy and save the day!

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  1. You give much room for thought in these entries. i enjoy learning truths connected too military statistics and facts. this story of the USS Johnston is very inspiring. I served on the USS George Bancroft ssbn 643 (G). 4 mnths under water, worked 18 hrs daily 7 days per week. With my hazardous pay included that came to .48 per hr. I would still do it over again knowing what I now know. Keep up the good work pastor Mike.

  2. Barry, thanks for the positive thoughts. I look forward to seeing your blog!

  3. Loved your analogy of the Leyte battle , like the battle of Midway , smaller allied forces win the day ,by courage and resillence. So will we in our battle against the forces of evil . Why ? Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. Praise God .


  4. Thank you Pastor Ashcraft for joining up with us we will enjoy sharing with you,

    Ron as you can see enjoyed your message, war although a reality like poverty is not some thing I focus on, but it is a reality. I have found that God’s work done in His way never lacks His supply but yes we are His Body and He blesses us so we can bless others, and we can never out give God.

    Christian Love from botn of us – Anne

  5. Interesting post! Thanks

  6. Wonderful and unique analogy. I enjoyed it thoroughly and will testify to one thing. Jesus HAS won the battle with Satan in my life. Like Leyte winning small battles consistently will win the war. One soul at a time. Be Blessed!!

  7. The element of surprise, and boldness are good offenses against the enemy, who wants us to either retreat, or stand there and take abuse. we need to be more like Capt. Evans.

  8. Wow, what a great ministry you have! Thank you for liking one of my blogs, I have quite a few ministers following my blog and I’ll place you on my prayer list also. Someday I do hope to turn New Creations Ministries into a series of seminars targeting the mind, body,spirit connection. I appreciate your prayers as well, thanks!

  9. I like the way you tell the story, and then make the application at the end.

  10. Thank you, I must use this idea with my blog. Mixing my history with the gospel.

  11. Beautiful post. While it doesn’t exactly apply to my church (it has a lot of money and often gets criticized for it) the lesson still remains. Sometimes we need to be like Job and take the risk.

  12. There is no “impossible”! If you believe in yourself and a higher power…

  13. Thanks for liking my blog!

  14. Hi! You have a great blog. Thank you for liking my post!

  15. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Excellent post.Motivation comes from within.Thank you for liking my post ( The French revolution….) warm regards.jalal

  16. Enthusiasm and drive (when a child) was unwanted by moi’…Only to discover, later in life, it was a gift! This present does not appear to be given by parents of today…UNLESS they are Christian home schooled…
    Just an opinion…Thanks for the like of “Rita….” David

  17. jamichael sabbagh,

    Praise the Lord. Thank you for liking my post ( Martin Richard.) Best regards.jalal Michael

  18. Definitely can relate to the finances being low while church planting. God is our source. If he provides for the sparrows and the lilies, we can rest assured he will provide for us. But it may not be in the way we expect. Blessings!

  19. Excellent!
    Also, thx for the ‘like’.

  20. God is faithful! Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. Thanks for the visit and like … love history

  22. Reblogged this on Christian Warrior and commented:
    Battles and warfare can help us see our life with Christ clearer.

  23. Thanks for the visit and like. This is a great post which remind us that only God is the source of our finance, strength, wisdom, power and love. He is our first love which we should not forget Blessing!

  24. Wow! Reminds me of our legendary story with the Spanish Armada.

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    Faith and the Battle of Leyte

  26. My uncle Anthony Krizanauskas was killed in the battle of Leyte one of many who gave their lives for our freedom. God bless them and keep them.

  27. great post! now, leyte is again facing a great trial. As a Filipino, I am positive the Leytenos can rise again! thanks for the like…

  28. Torpedo run is needed in every area of our life. It’s more or less going extral mile for accomplishment.

  29. You have awesome testimonies and historical facts that highlight the wonderous God we serve. Bravo for soldiers like you who keep the encouragement coming. For we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies!

  30. scumlikeuschurch

    good post, thanks for dropping by, God bless

  31. We know that story here in Fredericksburg, Texas, home of the Admiral Nimitz Museum of WWII in the Pacific!
    As for my church, we still seem to be focused on church instead of mission.

  32. Thanks for following It is amazing such star recognition is given to heroes on earth. So does God recognise soul winners and rewards them eternally as shining stars. God bless

  33. An excellent story. I really admire the work you are doing here, and I appreciate your visits to my site, even if I don`t have a church that needs financial help (my Christian site can also use the non-monetary encouragement). Thanks again, and God bless.

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