Too much?

Prophet Nathan rebukes David for adultery with...

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And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more. — 2 Sam. 12:8 NIV

Honestly, I would NOT have expected God to say this. The Lord is enumerating the many blessings He gave to King David, including many wives. Why, He says through the prophet Nathan, did David take another man’s wife? David got Bathsheba pregnant and then arranged for the death of Bathsheba’s husband so that he could keep her.

Honestly, I would have expected God to be severe. But God is not overly severe with David. He makes room for grace. And what He says to David means blessings for you and me. I WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU MORE.

If only you would ask. If only you would go through legitimate channels. If only you would believe. God does not reproach us for requesting more. He doesn’t scold us to be grateful for what we have already. He freely offers MORE, if only we would ask in prayer.

The devil aims to discourage you. Mr. Red Suit bombards you with a continual rant of “stop asking for more.”

But God says, Ask for more. Ask and keep asking. When do we have too much? Apparently, it didn’t occur to God to declare that David had too much.

When do we have too much? When everyone on Planet Earth is saved. In the meantime, ask for more without fear that He will deny your request.

4 responses to “Too much?

  1. what a great revelation here Pastor Mike.
    “Seek & you will find, Ask & it shall be given, Knock & the door will be opened to you”. The only time God withholds from us is when it is in our best interest. What an Abba Father we have, He is the best dad anyone can have.

    • I should probably leave a warning against anyone who would try to justify their adultery. Please note this blog is talking about finances and builds no case for sin. Be warned, and don’t blame me if you twist it.

  2. Dolores Larrabee

    Yes, God spares David’s life only perhaps to allow him to suffer the consequences of sin as we see when Nathan informs David that “the sword shall never depart from your house.” Yet despite it all God continues to bless David in many ways.

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