When Vicky married Mr. Trials

We want victories. We want to avoid trials. But victories are inextricably intertwined with trials. Do you wish to serve Jesus? You will have horrible trials that make you wish to return to the quiet life of before. But at the same time, you yearn for Holy Spirit revival. Gold comes out of the furnace.

After Job suffered unimagineable sorrow, he was blessed beyond measure. Jesus first had to be crucified in order to be resurrected. To triumph over death, He first had to die. They don’t teach this at seminary. But this is the path of ministry.

So don’t pray to avoid or even get out of trials. Pray for the victory.

Are finances short? Praise Him. Chances are that victories are just ahead. Pray for victories. When it comes to couples, they say opposites attract. I say that Vicky married Mr. Trials.

2 responses to “When Vicky married Mr. Trials

  1. This is taken from a recent post truly my trials have lead to my victory even if I have yet to see that victory.

    Suffering has made me who I am. It is through my trials that I have drawn close to the Lord and experienced his love and freedom in my life. If I had never suffered, I doubt I would have needed him. I have been refined through fire and even now I am in a hot furnace.

    I will take this suffering and brokenness, give it to Jesus and then turn and give away what he had given to me…. HOPE, LOVE, AND PEACE.– YES, THERE IS STILL PAIN, AWFUL PAIN. It hurts because it is not suppose to be this way. I will let this pain remind me, THIS IS NOT MY HOME– HEAVEN IS. Someday all these wrongs will be right and ALL THE PAIN WILL BE GONE.– Just maybe when I walk through those pearly gates someone will walk up and say “Thank you for loving me and showing me Jesus, “Thank you that you understood my pain because of your suffering.” Then revelation will sing in my heart, this person is here because I endured. God took what the devil meant for evil and turned it to good



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