What Jesus rebuked most

We Christians rebuke “sinners.” But Jesus didn’t hardly do that.

He rebuked the religious leaders aplenty, BUT his strongest and most frequent rebuke TO THE CHURCH was for its lack of faith. Over and over again, Jesus is reprimanding, not the disciples’ fleshliness or lack of spirituality, but their lack of faith.

There is a different focus here! While we denounce lukewarmness, Jesus is losing patience for shortness of faith. Re-read the Gospels and decide for yourself if our message coincides with Jesus’ — if we give the same amount of time and space to what was of interest to our Lord and Savior.

Now I’m certainly not saying we can’t rebuke sin. But what I am saying is that probably we don’t give enough emphasis to having faith. What percentage of the Gospels (stuff directed at the disciples, not the Pharisees, Sadducees and other bad dudes) is eliciting greater faith? It almost looks like the greatest sin (for Jesus) is to come up short in the area of faith.

In truth, there is a profound lesson here. We need to have more faith. Focus on increasing your faith. When you pray, don’t whimper. Proclaim with faith, ask with boldness.

5 responses to “What Jesus rebuked most

  1. YEAH MAN NOW IS THE TIME THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND. Go and preach, heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead. Freely you have received Freely Give!

  2. we sing a song chorus, Which coincides with the WORD of GOD, “ONLY BELIEVE, ONLY BELIEVE, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, ONLY BELIEVE.” Yes I believe, yes I believe,” we can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens us”..”.We are more than conquers through Christ who Loves us.” “wihout FAITH it is immpossible to please God, for he who comes to GOD must BELIEVE that HE is and that HE is a rewarder of them who diligently seek HIM.”

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