How Magic Mountain helped develop the Stealth Fighter

Very few people know this. Engineers at Lockheed’s secret projects Rye Canyon facility shot a radar at Magic Mountain’s Sky Tower, a rotating hexagonal compartment that ascends and descends for a panoramic view. The surprise? The tower was invisible to the radar.

And that is how engineers designed the Stealth Fighter with small flat triangular panels, all reflecting off into the atmosphere in different directions. If it had a rounded surface, the radar would pick it up.

You’ll be surprised what get when you shoot off into the heavens. When Lockheed engineers shot radar across the valley to the Valencia recreation park, they got something that could be incorporated into sophisticated military technology. When you shoot a prayer up to Heaven, God may give you more than you bargain for.

11 responses to “How Magic Mountain helped develop the Stealth Fighter

  1. So very true, a few of my prayers have got me more than I bargained for.

  2. So much of reality started with fantasy.

  3. VictoriaJoDean

    Well said!

  4. I was force fed many versions of Christianity when I was growing up but recently found out that I am Jewish but this article is wonderful. 🙂

  5. After 42 years of praying for a Third Great Awakening, a visitation of such magnitude that it moves me to think of the whole earth being converted in one generation, I think therefore it is possible to have an awakening that might last of a 1000 generations, reaching from one end of the starry heaven to the other (Mt.24:31), anywhere from 20,000-900,000 years or more.

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