Apparent no

He was told to shut up. He clamored all the more. She was told she was dog. She asked for a crumb off the table.

What do you do when God appears to say no? Bartimaeus kept asking. In fact, he yelled all the louder (Mark 10:48). The Canaanite woman didn’t get mad. She said, “Yes, but…” Jesus tested her strongly. First he didn’t even talk to her. Then He mistreated her. She kept insisting. Even the “dogs” get crumbs off their masters’ tables.  This impressed Jesus. Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted,” he said (Mat 15:28).

It’s hard to know when “no” is truly and definitively “no” from God. So if what you are asking for doesn’t contradict the Word of God, keep asking and patiently believing. You could ask for something that God won’t give you. But the other extreme is worse: you could lose heart and faith and stop believing.

9 responses to “Apparent no

  1. Sometimes no is just that, Pastor. No. No, your husband may not live. No, your ministry may not continue. No, your loneliness will not be abated. But what shall we do? Where else shall we go? Jesus is the only Yes. Keep up the good work, I am working my way down your blog.

  2. Redneck Dixie Warrior

    I have been hearing “NO” for roughly 3 years now and I still won’t give up…I keep praying to hear that “Yes, it has been granted” answer….what My husband and I are working on is just tto important for so many….No is not acceptable.
    BTW…thanks for dropping by and reading my posts…giving the like button a click too. It’s appreciated! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for liking my post.Warm regards.jalal

  4. Believing and praying is an everyday thing that may or may not be answered the way you want. But, as you say, God will find a way to show you His love by some answer, His answer should be better than you expected. His blessings are everywhere, so if a t.v. doesn’t come maybe a beautiful rainbow or another natural show of His Love may arrive… Nice post, good followers here. I like their comments!

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