A crumb’s enough

She asked for a crumb. And that was faith. A crumb was enough.

Jesus had refused the Syrian Phoenician’s request for a daughter’s healing in the most emphatic terms. First, the gospel to the Jews, not yet the Gentiles. She would not be discouraged by this.

Testing her faith and her persistence, Jesus next said, “You know, in this generation, the Jews call Gentiles ‘dogs.'” She didn’t react. She didn’t turn him in for hate crime. She didn’t sue for emotional damages.

She turned His insult on its head. When you pray sometimes, you have to turn things on their heads. You have to transform utter negativity into something beautifully positive — using faith and persistence!

Yes, she replied, but even the dogs get the crumbs off their master’s table. What she wanted was her miracle! She didn’t care about her treatment.

That was it! Jesus couldn’t hide a genuine admiration for her faith and persistence. He congratulated her and granted the miracle. As it turns out, a crumb’s enough. A crumb — when it comes from God — is something extraordinarily huge.

13 responses to “A crumb’s enough

  1. This is one of the verses that I love so much about Jesus. Knock, seek, ask and it will all be given to you.

  2. For some unknown?? reason this brought me to tears. The Lord’s ways are so beautiful and precious and personal. Thank you for your like on poetrycottage.

  3. This brings tears to my eyes, too! The way it is said and expresses how much people need God and his mercy and kindness. Jesus was the epitome of who we need to seek and try to reach for. So beautiful and wonderful that you continue to share His word, with good explanations, too.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for offering encouragement as we look to God as our source of all things!

  5. Far better a crumb from Jesus, than a Lexus or two from the evil one. Pray for a friend and I, silent request… pls.

  6. We praise you Jesus for all that you give us undeserved, unearned but eternally grateful. Amen

  7. Wonderful insight, God bless you for sharing.

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