From behind the wall

Anne Frank hid with her family in Nazi-occupied Netherlands for two years. She wrote a diary which has resonated worldwide since publication after her death in a concentration camp. It’s impressive to see how a world can be impacted from seclusion.

Anne Frank’s story is one of optimism. It is one of inauspicious work changing a world. Did she realize the greatness of what she was doing? Did she realize the extent of her reach?

The parallels with a prayer warrior are noteworthy. Your labors go unnoticed but impact the entire world. Prayer requires optimism. You may not realize the extent of your reach.

Pray, pray, pray. Prayer is never a waste of time. Doing other things may be a waste of time. It’s ironic that we try to do so much. If we would only pray, God would do so much. He is able to do much! We are incapable of doing much. Much of our best efforts are frustrated. It might be good for you to DO less and PRAY more.

When I was a missionary in Guatemala, after years of running myself ragged in activities, I put the brakes on. Tired, I tried prayer. Not that I wasn’t praying before, but I started praying more. More time, higher quality, greater intensity, in prayer. Get behind the wall, where the real work will be done.

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. — Psm 127:1 NIV


19 responses to “From behind the wall

  1. Wonderful post Mike! Sometimes I feel I do not have a lot to offer however I CAN pray 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this powerful post.

  3. Good encouragement to a weary prayer warrior, Pastor.

  4. Far too often I wait until I am in desperate straights to go to prayer. This has to change and I am making a conscious effort to change.

    On a personal note, I thank you so much for looking and liking so many posts on my blog.

  5. I always like to read about this fine young heroine and her tale is very sad but interesting. We all can benefit with remembering this period of time, trying to not ever be in such a bad situation again! That was a horrible period in history!

  6. The more intensity we put in our prayers the more it would be rewarding.

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