Inconceivable power of words

Our words retain far more power than we acknowledge. Consider the Gibeonites (Joshua 9), who through lies and deceit won a treaty with the conquering Israelites. God forbade the Israelites to enter treaty with any of the people in the Promised Land, so the Gibeonites pretended to be foreigners from far away. If this were the U.S., the contract would be null and void because of falsifications.

BUT, God obliged the Israelites to honor that treaty because they had sworn with their mouths. God’s concept of words is vastly different than our own. We think, “I’m just saying…” as if our words were nothing more than sound vibrations, the product of vocal chords, breath and mouth formations. But God sticks with words.

Think about the implications for prayer. Whatever you utter will be upheld by God. They spoke lies, yet the treaty was upheld. You pray with sincerity. Have no doubt your utterances will come to pass. It’s just a question of time, but faith should remain absolute. Obviously, the tongue is more powerful than we conceptualize.

3 responses to “Inconceivable power of words

  1. Amen. I knew a couple who prayed for their deathly ill 18-yr. old son to live, no matter what. God answered their prayer. Their son lived for 50 more years, as a deaf and blind paraplegic. They lovingly took care of him in their home, each one taking a turn on Sundays going to church while the other stayed home to care for the son. It was heartbreaking. This was my father’s great-uncle and aunt. The son’s name was Peter. I met him twice as a child. The tragedy struck me as unbearable ( I was only 8 the first time I met him.) It left a lasting impression on me the rest of my life. That is one prayer I have never uttered. I always ask for God’s will, not mine.

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