The ‘God’ particle

Physicists found the “God” particle this week, and it took a $10 billion atom smasher to do it. If you want to find God Himself though, all you need to do is pray.

Actually, the subatomic particle is more correctly called “Higgs Boson.” Why is called the “God” particle? Because it reportedly proves the physical laws that back up the scientific theory of the universe’s beginnings. Maybe God used a Big Bang when He spoke Creation into existence.

Physicist Peter Higgs theorized the particle’s existence in the 1960s.

To find God Himself, you won’t need 17 mile track like the CERN lab on the border between France and Switzerland. You won’t need to search for five decades. You won’t need to harness incredible amounts of energy.

You just need enough energy to get up early. Or enough energy to turn off the television and turn on the God-vision.

Scientist cried at the momentous discovery. Now if they would only be as excited about discovering God as they are about His particle.

2 responses to “The ‘God’ particle

  1. interesting
    about finding the subatomic particle that proves existence of the
    scientific laws whatever that means I’m not sure. I do like the idea god used a big bang when he spoke universe into existence better.

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