Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

An invention for ministry

Zippers were invented to replace 20 to 40 tiny buttons on each shoe. Soldiers in the Spanish Civil War, upset that their chocolates melted in their pockets, imagined a protective, candy coating — giving birth to M&Ms. Charles Goodyear accidentally left Mayan rubber on a warm stove with sulfur and lead and stabilized it.

Inventions have made life quicker, more productive, more enjoyable. These days, smart phones and internet advances are mushrooming at dizzying speed. Disneyland once featured a “house of the future” exhibit that got outstripped by the future itself.

Read about artificial intelligence online and you’ll find pundits who not only foresee robots with human intelligence but humans with artificial intelligence. Implant a chip in your brain, download a course of study, and it will interact seamlessly with biological thinking. Get Italian before you visit Venice!

Somebody should invent a faster, more productive, more enjoyable way to do ministry.

Oh yeah. They already did. It’s called prayer.