Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

No milk? No problem.

George Muller launched his orphanage on a whim of challenging a cobbler that he could trust God for finances. The cobbler wouldn’t come to church on Sunday because he needed to work to earn for his daily sustenance. Muller told him God would provide if he put God first, and the cobbler demurred.

At first, he prayed for hours for milk and bread to be donated, and it always was. On one occasion, he had the orphans sit down, say grace with no food available. By the time they finished their prayers, a milk cart broke down in front of their orphanage, and the owner gave them his milk. A baker showed up with enough bread for all.

As God met needs, Muller, a German missionary in England in the early 1800s, undertook bigger challenges. By the end of his life, 10% of the country’s orphans were under his care, and he sent money to missionaries around the world — about $2.7 million in today’s equivalent. Without knowing that  Hudson Taylor needed traveling money for his missionaries to escape during the Boxer Rebellion, Muller supplied the needs for the Chinese Inland Mission.

At the end of his life, Muller declared it’s easier to get money from God than men worthy to receive that money. His life was marked by intense prayer and faith. More than any other biography, his has inspired me and is the reason of this blog.