Early flailings

I first started praying — really praying — when I got involved in the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica. They had 6:00 a.m. prayer for an hour every morning. I went because 1) it was expected of rising disciples, and 2) in theory, I knew prayer was effective.

However, my first prayings, I am ashamed to admit now, lacked faith. The first real answer to prayer surprised me. I was praying for Blanca, the middle of three sisters, who was in the world. I prayed six months for her to get saved. When she walked into the church, my jaw dropped to the floor. In my head, I said, “Blanca, what are you doing here? I thought you wanted to be in the world.”

To which, the Holy Spirit responded: “Weren’t you praying for her? Why now are you surprised by the answer?”

That’s when I stopped going to prayer out of obligation. From then on, I went because of conviction. I knew that prayer worked! Since I have seen thousands of similar answers. I am addicted to prayer like the junkie to drugs. I only wish I could help people to get the revelation for themselves. That is the purpose of this blog.

7 responses to “Early flailings

  1. Awesome post! I feel that prayer is probably one of the most neglected things today by God’s people. Everything is rush rush, and by the end of the night when it’s time to turn in, the eyes close shut, and all is forgotten untl the same again the next day.

    A short prayer might get offered up, “Lord, give me this, give me that, fix this, fix that. Me, me, me, and more men. Amen.” What about others? What about also taking the time to be quiet and let the Lord speak? How are we to hear from Him during our prayers if we don’t be quiet long enough to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit?

    The Lord really started speaking to my heart about the whole listening business a little over a year ago when my oldest daughter was supposed to stay up and ‘hang out’ with me for a while. She had fallen asleep. So I checked on my son, he was asleep. I sighed.

    “That’s great. I’m not tired, and there’s no one to hang out with.”

    But then the Lord said, “You can ‘hang out’ with me!” This is when He really spoke to me about hearing Him, and how He’s always listening, but we’re not receiving.

    What an awesome God we serve! Amen, and thank you for the article!

  2. LOL! Any way you could edit that for me up there? This part: A short prayer might get offered up, “Lord, give me this, give me that, fix this, fix that. Me, me, me, and more men. ..” It is supposed to say ME not MEN! LOL Typo! Thanks! God bless!

    • quite a few typos, I’m afraid! thanks for pointing it out. if you look, you can find a bunch. maybe you should get a prize or something for correcting all the typos. 🙂

      • LOL No no..you had no typos… I was talking about mine in my reply. I wasn’t editing your post! That is so funny! In my post I made above to you..the long one..I typed “Me Me Me and more MEN and I meant to say and more ME not Men..and it was too late once I saw it..so I was asking if you could edit my reply to you by clicking on edit next to my name on the post I made up there. I would never go to someone else’s site, unless i knew them well, and tell them they had mistakes.. it was my mistake in my reply I was asking for your help on since I can’t edit my own comments on other people’s blogs! I hope you know what I mean now.. that would’ve been very very rude of me had it been as you thought.

  3. It’s cool. No misunderstanding. The fact of the matter is that I do in fact make a few mistakes. I see them scattered through my posts. Sometimes I correct them. Sometimes, I’m just lazy. hahaha. Oh well. Ours in a generation in which grammar and spelling is increasingly unimportant. We write by text, so substitute spellings, which are quicker and sometimes cheaper, are taking over. U r great! LOL! YOLO. and a bunch of others.

    • LOL Authors make tons of mistakes..that why we have editors and agents…! You’ll find tons in my stuff too. In my comment I accidentally wrote more men LOL when I meant to say more me…so I was asking you if you could fix that for me because it looked funny. God bless and thank you!

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