Daily Archives: August 31, 2012

Zero-point faith

Contained within a barrel of water is enough static energy to fuel the U.S. economy for a year. Contained within in every CC of the universe is the Zero-point energy equivalent to 100,000 of our suns burning for 1 million years. The trouble with these energies is how to liberate them.

Contained within a common Christian is enough prayer power to bring the U.S. to revival. Contained within in every CC of the church is prayer point power equivalent of Book of Acts Revival world wide. The trouble with these energies is how to liberate them.

In the case of static or Zero-point energies, principles of physics impede their unleashing — at least, for now. In the case of  individual or group prayer, principles of laziness and carnality impede their release — at least, until somebody really decides to lay a hold of God.

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you — John 15:7 NIV.

Berlin wall faith

When Jessica was a girl, she prayed earnestly that God would tear down the Berlin Wall, a token of the Iron Curtainand the Cold War. As he listened to her, her dad, my pastor, a former congressional candidate,

Not Jessica

wondered if he should explain to her the cold, hard facts of life. Should he re-direct her prayers to something more realistic?

Hahahahaha! Kids today don’t even know what the Berlin Wall was. To describe to them the “threat” of communism makes them laugh. They have new issues (terrorism, overpopulation).

In 1990 Soviet bloc liberalization allowed citizens of both sides to demolish the wall amidst reunification euphoria. Jessica never doubted that it was her prayers that did the trick. Her dad just was amazed.

So… you either get Jessica to pray for your needs… or you get childlike faith yourself (Matt. 18:3).