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A funny thing happened in Sunday school yesterday. Elder Eli was teaching about being your brother’s keeper from Galatians 6:1: Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.

As he expounded, a lot of us teens kept looking at each other with our eyes wide open, almost laughing, because it’s his kids who are the biggest trouble-makers. Basically, Mr. Eli was teaching us to tell on the youth who are messing up. It was funny because he didn’t show any signs of realizing the irony. He believes his kids are the angels of the church .

The other thing was not so funny though. We can’t tell on HIS kids because they’re bigger than my group of friends AND once you rat out someone you get a bad rap in the church so that no one wants to be your friend. Not that Harry or Phillip are friends of mine to worry about losing them.

I’ve grown up in church, so I’ve heard this lesson before. But you can’t actually apply some of the things of the Bible. You have to sort of filter the Bible and make adjustments for reality, you know? The unwritten rules are what’s important.


5 responses to “Wimpy blog

  1. I’ve just started blogging and I came across your site! I can understand how you feel, considering its the pastor’s kids and all! Living out the christian life is never the easy road but God will always be in it with us when we live it out!! Don’t lose heart and feel that it can’t be done the way God lays it out in today’s culture-that’s just a clever lie that Satan is feeding you. Keep the faith brothers!!!!!!! In love!!!

    • Hi Truthbite, Thanks for the encouraging words. Keep in mind that Manuel, the persona of the Wimpy Christian is a fictitious person. He represents why and how a Christian can become “wimpy.” He serves to point out ironies and wrong conclusions. A knockoff from the Wimpy Kid, Manuel is an example in reverse, of what not to do, what not to think, what not to feel. It is an attempt to use humor and current culture to reach out to weak Christians. Hope you enjoy!

      • Hi Mustard seed!! Thank-you for ‘giving me a clue’ about your blog!!!! I’ve never seen the wimpy kid character so the irony went past me I guess!!! May God bless your mission!!

        • Yeah, I guess the wimpy kid is quite popular among today’s kids. I teach in a school, so I picked up on it. I think they have come out with the second movie already, so it has a strong following. It occurred to me that The Diary of a Wimpy Christian would be a knockoff that could help people with a bit of poking fun. You will be able to count on my guy to always make the wrong and immature decision. Greg in the real Wimpy Kid series, comes to wrong conclusions. Sometimes it’s hilarious.

  2. I really like this and so so true 🙂

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