Please pray for Nelly

Nelly, with her two daughters, doing what she likes most — serving in the church.

When we were forced to leave Guatemala after 16 years of missionary work, we left Pastor Ludving and his wife, Nelly, in charge of the churches and the school.

Today, I want to ask you to pray for Nelly. She has not one but two grave needs of healing: serious arthritis and a hernia that is now on its fourth operation.

I always try to encourage on this blog others to have faith, but I am struggling to muster faith myself now. Thanks for praying!

Btw, just a note to my regular readers: During the summer, I got you used to two blogs a day, morning and evening. But school has started, and since I am a teacher, my time has been limited, so I have decreased my output to one blog a day. I hope this can continue to inspire people everywhere to assume great challenges. Thanks for praying for Nelly!

5 responses to “Please pray for Nelly

  1. Planting Potatoes

    I stand in prayer agreement before God for Nelly!

  2. Always a blessing to join in prayer. It’s tough when you carry a burden for one you love so far away on the mission field. We know. Praying for your heart to be lightened too. ~Jen

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