Daily Archives: September 21, 2012

The stampede


When thunder clapped, it sent the vast cattle herds of the Old West into a panicked stampede. At night, stampedes were guaranteed death because the animals would hurtle blindly into a river or off a cliff.

It was the cowboy’s job to race his horse to the front of the stampede and make the cows turn into a large circle where eventually the first cattle followed the last cattle. Thus, each cow, following the one in front, kept running in a circle until, exhausted, they fell down and rested.

It was a terrifying job to rush breakneck into complete darkness. But there was no other way to save the cows. It reminds of the pastor, who springs into action praying to offset the coming judgement of God over his church.

Prayer should be constant. It is also emergency-based. A prayer warrior is a cowboy.


Squatters and invaders

The Guatemalan poor have no land, so they gather a mob and all move in at once onto unoccupied land. These squatters are called “invaders,” and their removal from private property frequently leads to blood-shedding. They cling desperately to a place they wish to call home without having any right to be there.

This is a Biblical comparison, not a political commentary. Demons are invaders. They have no right, but they simply move in, through sin, and occupy the human heart and mind. They must be opposed and evicted with force. They cling desperately to the spot they have laid claim to.

When you pray, it is no grandmotherly knitting. It is doing violence to the kingdom of Hell. It is demanding they obey the rightful law of God, forcing them to submit to God’s superiority. And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. — Matt. 11:12 KJV.