Courage to face the day

Some need their energy drink. I need prayer.

It would be too easy just to resign myself, to stop fighting, to “read the writing on the wall.” Nothing will stop approaching disaster. Give up, accept it, God is not going to do it this time. After praying for Nelly’s hernia for a year, nothing has happened.

If I don’t go to prayer, I have a depressed day without faith. Murphy’s pessimism takes over my mind and heart. I get discouraged. Prayer pulls me out of the abyss. Prayer reminds me to rally faith in my heart, to believe, to continue to believe. Prayer reminds me that God gives last minute, glorious answers. Stay on track to faith.

3 responses to “Courage to face the day

  1. The mustard seed grows when its planted, It’s planted in the ‘Dirt’ where it is never seen until it begins to emerge from the soil. When you Stop and trust, time will me as little to you as it does to God who created it in the beginning, ‘not’ his beginning, but the universe’s beginning. 🙂 Trust means I don’t have to fret God is God. When I was young my wife and I tried every scientific scheme out there to have kids. ‘nothing’ ! Then I decided to forget it, and leave it to God. within 5 years we had 3 children.
    then within 5 more I became ill and found myself homeless, alone, and divorced. My God has to be God because I don’t want to try to figure this out anymore. Leave the Mustard seed in the ground, and It will grow, and God will be the one to make it grow. Just trust 🙂

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