Bad boys club


Balotelli and Tevez shelter from the rain

Upstart soccer sensation Manchester City is known as a club for bad boys. Carlos Tevez throws a tantrum and won’t play for six months. Mario Balotelli throws darts at his juniors and lights fireworks inside his house, all in the name of fun. All the superstar misfits who get kicked out of their topflight clubs come kicking to City.

By the way, City won the English Premier League last year, batting down their crosstown rivals and internationally famous Manchester United. Maybe this strategy of picking up all the rejects and societal blunderers has got something to it!

The church is also a can for refuse! Check out the humble beginnings of David‘s invincible army: Then others began coming—men who were in trouble or in debt or who were just discontented—until David was the captain of about 400 men. — 1 Sam. 22:2 New Living Translation.

You can see how they became giant slayers and subjugators of a nations (that’s sarcasm, ma’am!) According to a revision of troops, David had: 1) fugitives, 2) deadbeats and 3) crybabies. Yup! Those are the men I want to count on in a fix!

By general rule, the church doesn’t receive the cream of the crop. But whoever comes is brought by the Spirit. The pastor lovingly, patiently, persistently trains them. This is called discipleship. And they become crack warriors, unflinching and deadly, to kill demons and force forward God’s kingdom! Constant prayer oversees the transformation.

Watch for more antics from the boys who wear light blue! They’re looking to win the European Champions League this year. Since I’ve see the turnaround in church disciples, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they confound pundits by doing it.


5 responses to “Bad boys club

  1. Like the picture of the light blue jersey guy in the air plus I think it a good analogy to david;s mighty cavemen. thanks, Judy M.

  2. Good to see your work in the world. My own calling of the heart has been to work with incarcerated women. I volunteer one time per week and teach a creative writing class at a Detention Center 45 minutes from my house. I love them first and teach creative writing, second. I wish I could get them outside to garden or play a sport, but 18 hours a day in lock down is what the rule of the day is. Most of my students are addicts. I don’t think we do any great service to society by warehousing them in jail, but that is a whole other advocacy. I love the teachings of the Christ and am not too keen on all the “baggage” that the church(s) have acquired over the years. Not big on literalists, either. That being said when I recognize the demonstration of “help the least among you,” I feel moved. So, thanks for visiting my blog and “liking” I think what amounted to a kazillion posts (LOL). Mostly I just want to say. . .keep up the good work. Sending you love and hugs this day! Oh, and if you want to say a prayer for my students. . .couldn’t hurt! 😉

    • God, bless Stephanie in her valuable labors. You know my mother did that job at a juvenile facility. Now prosper her work in the women facility. I bless my sister. Give her a spirit of liberation, to free these oppressed ladies from the chains that Satan has used to bind them, in the name of Jesus. Amen

      • I printed out this prayer, cut it into a little square and taped it to my old, roll top desk. Thank you for the sweet blessing for my “girls.” May your work too, prosper in the name and the Grace of the Christ. I so appreciate “belief into the action of heart and hand.” Sending you and your ministry love and goodwill, this day. Again, thank you.

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