Unheard of!


Klose is a true example.

Has this ever happened before??? Miraslov Klose admitted that he scored a goal with his hand, and it was disallowed. Has a footballer ever told the truth???

Thierry Henry scored a goal that qualified France for the 2010 World Cup.

Thierry Henry

Without that goal, France would not have even played. At the end of the match, when it is too late to change the score, he admitted to the ref his foul play. His teammates shamelessly defended his dishonesty. “The end justified the means.”

When Luis Suarez blocked a goal against with his hand, he cried for being red-carded, sent off of the field. His intentional foul aided his

The ever-controversial Suarez

team pass to semi-finals in the 2010 World Cup. He cried, as if the ref’s decision were unfair. Poor him! Boo-hoo.

Against this backdrop, FINALLY, a soccer star acts NOT out of self-interest or out of interest for his team but out of interest for HONESTY. Praise God!

Sometimes telling the truth requires courage. Sometimes you have to lose to maintain your integrity. When you win the game, you lose your character.



2 responses to “Unheard of!

  1. I know Anglo-Saxons are always happy to exagerate French guilt, but when this goal was accepted by the ref, the score was still a draw. So first mistake : “Without that goal, France would not have even played. ” . Nobdy can know that. Second mistake, Henry didn’t score, after his hand control he did a pass and Gallas scored . It still is a handball, but not a goal like Maradona and his “hand of God” .
    No wonder every Anglo will forget the real thing and remember the (false ) worst for ever when it doesn’t come from them but from the french .

    • Dear Phildange, Thanks for your comments. I don’t think I have anything against the French, just like I don’t have anything against the Uruguayans. The point is honesty. Klose told the truth right from the start. We don’t see that much from any nation. I’m praising Klose, regardless of his ethnicity, and saying he is an example for us to follow, not because of his ethnicity. I am sorry that you have evidently come across Anglo Saxons who “exaggerate French guilt.” I’m not sure what that means. Maybe it refers to a rivalry between England and France that I am vaguely aware of? I am not English. I’m American. I don’t know if that puts me in the clear. My aim here was not to offend anyone but to contextualize stark honesty against a backdrop of dishonesty widespread in football, regardless of nationality. Hope this helps. Yours, Mike

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