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I got really mad on Sunday. Elder Eli was teaching Sunday School, and he was talking about bringing souls into the kingdom. He said it was the responsibility of everybody and that we all should think of ways to bring people into the church.

Well, I couldn’t hold back my comments. I said that the reason more people don’t come to church is because it’s so boring. I mean, why do we have to use the Bible all the time? I suggested we play Halo 4 in Sunday School. Then we could get a whole bunch of kids to come. It would actually be fun to go church, with all that killing and stuff. You know, stuff that us kids like.

Would you believe that Elder Eli didn’t like my idea? First he was scowling. Then he thanked me but said it wasn’t something for church. How can it not be for church? I mean, a halo comes from an angel, right?

That’s the last time I offer my good advice.

3 responses to “Wimpy blog

  1. Hysterical – love it! When I was 15 my church was adding a $40,000 stained glass window in the sanctuary (we’re talking 1971 or so). I asked the pastor if the money might be better spent bussing parishoners to areas of the city where they could tutor or do other helps. He told me that my idea was idealistic, and that people need an inspiring place in which to worship. I guess my suggestion went the way of your suggestion! I happen to LIKE your idea about Halo 4. Although I have never played Halo 4, I would come! 🙂

    • MustardSeedBudget.wordpress.com

      Hi Ran, Thanks for the comment. Obviously what I wrote resonated. I’m sorry you have “lost faith,” but I congratulate you for talking about it, seeking dialogue, etc. My “wimpy Christian” persona is “Manuel,” an example of a wimpy Christian, an attempt to poke fun at wimpy Christians. Obviously, your problems run deeper than Manuel’s. I can certainly sympathize with your pain and offer to pray for you. I’m glad I’m in contact with you. Yours, Mike

    • Hi Ran, It’s me again! I spent quite a bit of time thinking about your comment. Then I perused your posts. I want to encourage you. I am glad to see that you are seeking dialogue. Maybe I’m not the person to help because obviously I haven’t gone through the hell you did. I’m sorry for you. I guess all I can do is reach out to you sympathetically and offer to pray for you (no really. I’m not kidding). Also, I had a thought about “losing faith” because maybe we would all lose faith through the years, through the disillusions, through people failing us (inevitably people fail us), and it’s this: if I lose faith, that’s one less person through whom Christ can show His love to a needy world. I guess what I want to say is that the kids still need tutoring. I want to be the that tutor. I can only hope that my comments are taken as sincere. Quite honestly, your musings bring about a lot of soul-searching. I don’t pretend to know it all.

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