Marriage retreat? Marriage advance!

22 years of marriage in October

My church just held a marriage “retreat” in Pismo Beach. But too many are “retreating” from marriage. Seventy-five percent of couples in California end in divorce. The toll on kids has been staggering.

Dianna supported me through 16 years of sacrifice as missionaries in Guatemala. In the photo, she is with our daughter, Rebekah

It’s really worthwhile to work on your marriage. In my case, I can see comedy in it. On the one hand, the setting is romantic and the talks are inspiring. On the other hand, the wives feel incredibly empowered and tend to let their husbands hear all the way home all the areas he’s been messing up!

So I am happy! I have three areas to work on, and it is a blessing to commit to change, being considerate of your spouse, treating her with love and tenderness. Marriage can get mechanical. It should be passionate. Any ape can caste aside his partner looking for greener pastures. It requires a true man to listen to his wife and let her be right (sometimes).

We ate at the Splash Fish Shack. Mmmm! She likes clam chowder in a bread bowl. It’s the little things in life that kindle romance!

Hope this inspires some guys: I am going to answer my wife’s questions even when she asks me the same thing over and over again. I’m going to be positive first, not start with criticisms. I’m going to make salads for her. Sorry for disclosing my privacy, but maybe it will inspire some dude to treat his wife more considerately (I think generally that is hard for men).

I just got a comment on my post from a lady who “lost the faith” after her Christian husband was repeatedly unfaithful to her. This haunted me. Men, let’s rise up and be the men of God we are called to be! Let’s not go this route!

The “retreat” is from the rat race. Let’s hope our (Christian) marriages advance!

8 responses to “Marriage retreat? Marriage advance!

  1. Great encouragement. Marriage is so special yet it is now so easy to get out of.
    I like the concept of holding “marriage advance” rather than calling them “terrestrial”. But don’t stop having them as for some couples it may be the only time they get away to take stock and receive teaching.

    • What’s amazing is that we study thousands of hours to make our careers successful, but how many hours do we study to make our marriages successful? At the same time, it is the marriage that is the larger source of happiness — or unhappiness — in life.

  2. I am not married, however, I have been before. Marriage is a beautiful thing.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post.

  3. Amen! I like the ‘Marriage advance’ concept (rather than retreat) 🙂 I too agree our society is all about career training and job skill advancement, and then nothing about improving personal relationships like marriage, and also just improving all personal relationships be it with friends or family members. Yet, when it comes down to it, if we were given only 3 days to live, I think just about everyone would want to spend that 3 days with their spouse/family/friends rather than at their work place.

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