Carrying the Ark of the Covenant

Photo thanks to Still Small Voices

You didn’t carry the Ark of the Covenant in your backpack. Made of pure gold, it was too heavy. A symbol of the presence of God, the Ark had to be carried by a group of men.

So it is today. The presence of God is carried by a group of people, the assembling of a people in plural. But today, there are too many Christians who want to carry God’s presence all alone. Wrongly extrapolating our individual salvation, they have separated and isolated themselves from other imperfect people — and they think they are right to do so. But the Ark of the Covenant was carried by various — not just one.

In spite of all its imperfections, the church continues to be God’s institution, a manifestation of His presence. Yes, you can be saved and NOT go to church, but you’re missing out on support, mutual encouragement, others’ giftings — and a better life. Drop the church-bashing. Something powerful happens when we worship God while belonging to a body of believers.

10 responses to “Carrying the Ark of the Covenant

  1. “Yes, you can be saved and NOT go to church, but you’re missing out on support, mutual encouragement, others’ giftings — and a better life. Drop the church-bashing. Something powerful happens when we worship God while belonging to a body of believers.”
    I love this! Very interesting post today, thanks for sharing!

  2. Steel sharpens steel. So it is with a group of Believers. Good post!

  3. ..look, guys…..i hate to say this, but you know, its not only the church that can give you this salvation you are after.
    salvation is every where you look… dont need the church or christ to help you with that….you have been made COMPLETE…that is, you dont need anyone to hold your hand in this world…or any other… are everything yourself! dont get me wrong…i admire all religions…but when you start saying that ONLY your beliefs are true, others are not…thats not good…..its like osama bin laden saying what he did was right and that the rest of the world is wrong…who would believe him?
    when you say only your faith is right…then you are putting those blinkers onto your eyes….so you will only see your way, none others….thats fundmentally wrong.
    as i have said before, we are all standing on the rim of a great big wagon wheel…..some of us will choose to walk around the rim before getting to the centre….some will choose to go down on of the many spokes.directly, some may choose to slowly spiral down to the centre…but we all get there in the end!
    saying that only jesus saves…and nobody else…is no different from the taliban saying nobody should listen to music….!

    • Dear Wilderness Walk, thanks for the lengthy comment. I encourage you to keep seeking. I love the great outdoors, and I love the Creator of the great outdoors. If you think the God of Christianity is the same as the god of the Taliban, I encourage you to keep studying the issue. Yours, Mr. MustardSeed

      • no…i have no need to study any more….all i can surmise from what you are saying about your god, the god of the jew, or the god of the that you are all blind…blinded by your faiths…faiths that fail to acknowledge another human being and his belief…until you all move away from the reins that are preventing you from seeing this, you will walk on blinded…until you all fall off the precipice of life. however, i dont want to be categorised as one of you…so lets agree to disagree and leave as friends?

        • I can certainly agree with your last statement, to agree to disagree, and I think you are very right to fear becoming “one of us,” or at least what you think of us, at least until you get to know me more. But as it is, I certainly respect your opinions and I can certainly enjoy your blog. I don’t mind a spirited debate and try to be open in my discussions. Thanks for “getting into it,” and I would like very much to be much more than a “follower” on your blog. I hope I could aspire to be a friend. Because, as you say, there is great value in sharing thoughts and concerns with a fellow human being who thinks and has feelings. yours, Mike

  4. refusingtopanic

    I so appreciate this. I have been working with a few women who also are ministering in different ways in the Body of Christ and it seems I keep hitting the wall of isolation. I don’t know if they have been working alone so long they think that is how it should be or maybe they just gave up on coming together with others in ministry or if they are just afraid of the closeness. I am afraid too sometimes but I hear the Lord saying, “I sent my workers out two by two, not one by one.” So, I continue to try to foster these friendships with other like-minded ministers and believe God is going to seal that work and use us in each others lives to only advance each individual in their particular work for the Lord. Thanks for the encouraging and supportive word!

    • Leadership is lonely because you are the shoulder to cry on and you have no shoulder to cry on. For 16 years, I was that leader. From time to time I would ask God to not let me burn out, to take me out of ministry before I burned out. I guess that’s what he did. For two years I am back in my sending church. I am no longer the main leader; I am only one of many worker bees. The pressure is lower. When I was the leader I longed for fellowship, but those I reached out to used my show of vulnerability as a competition. So I became disillusioned. God sustained me. Hope that sharing similar circumstances can encourage.

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