Don’t wait till you’re dead…

Jump in! (to help others)

… to figure out how good it is to do good!

It’s wonderful and fun to serve self. But many people never discover the greatness of giving.

I believe in Heaven! I look forward to continuing wondrous life

Bro. John Mira wakes up early Sunday mornings to lift up hearts at the “New Beginnings” rehab home in downtown Los Angeles.

in an even better place with loving people having lots of fun. We’ll worship God and have a blast!

It seems some will regret the wastefulness of their lives only too late. We should realize our potential for good now, not later. You have health and energy! Why not spend of your money, of your time, to do some good in the world!?

Poke through the clouds of oppression, into the light!

Give to the needy! Serve in a soup kitchen. Help out in a drug rehab home! Volunteer coach a soccer team. Work in a church. It will infuse you with so much positive energy and zest for life! Stop  grousing about how bad is your spouse or house. Stop looking to “get more out of life” and look to give more to life.

Make an impact in our generation!

John F. Kennedy inspired a generation with these words: Ask not what you’re country can give to you. Ask what you can give to your country.

Can we recapture altruism? Or has giving become “all-false-ism?”

6 responses to “Don’t wait till you’re dead…

  1. a wonderful blog from mr mustard seed! Particularly I liked it when you thought heaven would be about people helping people.

  2. Amen! I believe heaven (or at least close to it) is also here right, right now in our daily lives too. We make a choice each day how we chose to live – chose to be positive no matter what comes to you and chose to be in a positive environment and with postiive people and your life will feel like ‘heaven’. And conversely if you chose negative attitudes, environment and people – you will put yourself in your own ‘hell’.

  3. a mustard seed sur la route

    Hey, thanks for having visited my blog. I totally agree with you, I have sometimes the impression to spend all my free time doing voluntary work. But it is one of those things that really makes a change in my life. Thanks for reminding me of that!

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