Don’t expect the expected

No joke! This is what it’s like.

For over a year, we didn’t have a car. As missionaries in Guatemala, that meant we took either the bus (dangerous) or the taxi (expensive).

I kept thinking that eventually God would touch some gringo‘s heart, and s/he would get us some new wheels (I cracked the block by driving my old car into undrained water on the highway during a tropical storm). Waiting for some gringo to step up seemed logical: I was connected to ministers in the States; they have money.

It wasn’t new, and it didn’t come wrapped up like this.

I kept praying. I believed God. I imagined how the answer would come.

But it didn’t come the way I imagined. It was not a gringo, but a Guatemalan (and a poor one!), who gave me his car. This shock taught me that God dredges up resources from the most unexpected places.

From the least expected place. God brought water — out of a rock.

When it comes to God, I won’t say, “Expect the unexpected” (because that is cliché). Instead, I will say, “When it comes to God, don’t expect the expected.” He’s always got a new trick up His sleeve.

The Fiat from the Dark Ages was no luxury car, but it got us around. Steven Fernandez, the gringo pastor who took over in my absence, is now driving it. Hope you like it, Pastor Steve!

24 responses to “Don’t expect the expected

  1. Steven Fernandez

    I love the Fiat!!! Not so much at first but now we all love it!

  2. Excellent Post!!!! And thank you for what you are doing in Guatemala!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. ROFL!! The bus picture brought back memories. But true, God definitely provides through unexpected sources. But think of the blessing that that poor gentleman received. There is a reason why poor people tend to be more generous than the rich. Because they know how it feels to receive and they also know the feeling of giving :). LOVE the way God makes this work!

  4. Great story! I love to think about the amazing work the Lord did in that poor locals life to open his heart up so wide. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. It is so much like the Lord to work in a way that we could never dream up. That way He will get the glory! Thank you for the recents “likes” on my blog. You have some pretty sweet things going on here. Blessings!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing testimony! It is a huge encouragement for me today where I am struggling with difficulty. Thank you so much for visited my blog from yesterday and liked it. It was very encouraging that I tried to send a thank you note to the gmail address you included in your blog. It all bounced back. May I ask you to check if your address is correct..? I am sure many would love to reach you.

    Thank you again for sharing this. K

  7. Great post! Especially enjoyed, “When it comes to God, I won’t say, “Expect the unexpected” (because that is cliché). Instead, I will say, “When it comes to God, don’t expect the expected.” He’s always got a new trick up His sleeve.”

  8. Your blog is great, but love this post specially. I was also in Guatemala in early 90’s; my first son was born there; he’s a Guatemalteco, I tease him at times, and tell him we have to go back to visit. Thanks for the visits to my blog.

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