Are you in Debt?


Doing Everything But Tithing?

Plant a Seed … Get a Harvest …

Managing your Christian Finances

Whenever you talk about Christian finances or just plain money in the same breath as being a Christian, going to church, or (heaven forbid), Tithing, it hits people where they live…right in the wallet.
Having Christian priorities means you understand that you can’t have God’s blessings without the responsibilities. The bottom line is that it all ties together. Committing to “being a true Christian” means you’re willing to do what God is leading you to do in every part of your life…even your finances.

Here’s some real help in managing your Christian finances. Once you make the commitment to get your Christian money in order, God will arrive on the scene!

Here is some scripture on tithing that will give you a place to start in your understanding in this…

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