Soccer’s scarface

When Frank Ribery was two, his dad got into a car accident. Hundreds of stitches patched his face back up. He was lucky to be alive.

At no time did he let discouragements hold him down. He is a topflight footballer, now playing at Bayern Munich. He’s a delight to watch play. His trademark stutter-step and cutting in with the ball at his feet has made him a leader of the French national team. “This is my face; it is the one people know me by. I am happy with my face. Why shouldn’’t I be happy?” he was quoted by the Sun.

He is an example of overcoming difficulties, of moving on after tragedy.

12 responses to “Soccer’s scarface

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    • Hey! This is fantastic! For quite a while there, I thought I was the only American on blogosphere who even liked soccer. I had written posts, but nobody seemed to notice. I thought I was missing my audience. But now I see you know soccer. Praise God! A fellow fan!

  2. That’s weird : I have just posted something about Zahia …

  3. he is indeed a delight to watch… he can play!

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