Sock water

They call it sock water. The idea is that the Guatemalans make coffee so weak that it approximates the post-laundry runoff.

I like STRONG coffee, you know, the kind that approximates black ink. When I sip a cup, I want it to feel like

Don’t want no weak coffee

heavyweight punch. My body pulsates, my mind sharpens, the spoon dissolves, the aroma causes furniture to levitate.

Strong coffee has saved my marriage! Without it, I mumble and grunt to my wife. With it, I am a chatterbox! She likes to talk with me. She doesn’t like a Neanderthal grunter husband.

Are your prayers STRONG or weak?

Oh yeah!

Don’t get me wrong. Some prayer is better than no prayer. And I’m not quite ready to say God prefers espressos. But maybe your prayers, honestly, are more unfeeling religious duty without much zing. Distill the caffeine jolt of faith!

If you like weak coffee, don’t be offended. The comparison is meant to encourage better

May the froth be with you!

praying, not insult your tastes! Cheers! Drink up!

27 responses to “Sock water

  1. I think God is into filter coffee…

  2. strong coffeee, in fact any coffee, gives me palpitations :-/ x

  3. For me too, even a single cup coffee is allergic, and will give palpitations and sleeplessness. I use to look at people with wonderment, who consume plenty of cups of coffee everyday as if of a miraculous feat.

  4. I don’t drink coffee at all but loved your post and it was a great start I believe.
    p.s. I am not a christian but you have all my support and love.

  5. What a blessed analogy. I’ll take my coffee strong from now on.

  6. Reblogged this on Shenanigans Anonymous and commented:
    I know, I know, I’m getting religious. But it’s my blog. And I love the higher being I’m convinced created us. Whether that be God, or Buddha, or Zeus, I will never be able to tell you. But seriously, though. Relating coffee to prayer? That’s one way to pump up my Christian enthusiasm!

  7. great post! I agree with every word!

  8. Visiting Rome reawakened my love of coffee — espresso mainly. In the morning, there is nothing like cappuccino, a cornetto and prayer. I do agree with you, it is good to put some strength in our prayers. We ought to pray as if we mean it.

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