Atheists ought to chill out

Why are you so obsessed? If there is no God, why do you attack Him so vigorously? In essence, you are dealing blows to nothingness.

I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. And I don’t waste my time trying to discredit her. She simply doesn’t exist. I don’t care if someone believes in her. I suppose if someone affirmed her reality, I would be amused. But I wouldn’t get mad.

It makes no sense to shoot darts at  “nothing.” Really, it smacks of personal vendetta. Something bad happened to you in life, so you exact revenge on God by energetically denying his existence. Do you also kick the door when it closes on you? No one ever launched a military assault on empty space.

In reality, your vitriol, your fetish, only legitimizes God. If there were nothing to antagonize, everybody would go home and leave alone.

You don’t bother me at all. I just wonder at you.


38 responses to “Atheists ought to chill out

  1. An assumption often made by those who don’t believe in any God is that the world would have been and would be a much more peaceful place without the fanatical devotion to an idea they consider nonsensical. A highly questionable assumption. People are not made any better by lack of belief any more than they are made better by religious devotion. But for those who know Christ “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…”

    • a very well-written observation. i hope many can see it!

    • are you contending the claim that without religion there would be more peace in the world? Are you blind to the many atrocities that have been committed in the name of religion or is it a case of burying the head in the sand?

      • Hi Makagutu, In answer to your first question, no. In answer to the second question, no. Thanks for the dialogue!

      • Hi Makagutu
        In answer to your first question yes. In answer to the second, most definitely no. Religion, in particular Christianity, is often portrayed as history’s great cause of conflict, atrocity and bigotry. But let’s go backward in time and look at great conflicts and their causes:

        • Sorry, hit tab by accident.
          Balkans ethnic/religious
          Rhwanda ethnic
          Arab/Israel ethnic/religious
          Iran/Iraq economic/oil
          Vietnam political
          Korea political
          Chinese civil war political
          WWII economic/empire
          WWI economic/empire
          Russian revolution political
          European Imperial wars economic/empire
          going back to the renaissance
          Chinese dynastic wars political
          American Civil War economic/political
          Wars of the Reformation political/religious
          Mongol conquests economic/empire
          Wars of the European political
          middle ages
          Crusades religious
          Muslime conquest religious/empire
          Conquest of Roman economic/empire
          Roman Conquest economic/empire
          Indian Conquests economic/empire
          Greek Conquests ditto
          Persian Conquests ditto
          Egyptian and other
          Mesopotamian Conquests ditto

          Looking back over human history the vast majority of conflict and bloodshed has been economic, ethnic and political in nature. Especially with the ghastly bloodshed of World Wars I and II. Religion plays a minor role in history’s violence and inhumanity. We can play hypotheticals and say that remove religion and peace would have reigned, or remove religion and humanity’s evil side would have been even less restrained. There’s no way to know for sure. Also, atheists often generalize “religion” but make no distinction between Christianity and Buddhism as forces for peace and social justice over the last 200 years and violent extremism being displayed in some segments of Islam.
          Given the evidence of human history I think a much stronger case can be made for the belief that if we removed religion from the equation human history would have been just as violent and bloody if not more so. There are plenty of reasons outside of religion for people to kill and brutalize each other in a fallen world.
          Warmth and Peace

        • I didn’t point out christianity alone, but all religions. Even history tells us the Aztecs killed in the name of religion. But closer home, the conflict in Ireland is religion driven, catholics against protestants, there is a lot of religious intolerance in the muslim world and in so many other places; how then do you say religion is not the culprit?
          Islam in our day leads in bigotry, intolerance and so much other evils and christianity is up close.

          • Hi Makagutu
            Thank you for your reply.
            The argument as I understand it from Athiests is that the world would have less violence, more tolerance and overall more international peace if it were not for religion. I provided a list to show that historically most of the worlds violence, war and death has come about for reasons other than religion and that even removing religion would not have necessarily led to fewer instances of war, oppression and hatred. Look back at the list.
            Yes the Aztecs used religion as a justification for their power structures. But do you really believe that had they not had those religious beliefs they would not have found some other reason for conquest and brutality? As I said, the list I provided demonstrates historically that there is no reason to believe that they wouldn’t have engaged in conquest anyway. The absence of religion does not necessarily make the world a better place. And given the fact that historically, it has been Christians over the past two centuries that have led the way on many issues of human rights despite the hypocrisies of many in the Church, the world would have been a worse place for the loss of such faith.
            These issues are complicated and often require book length treatments to do them justice. But I would much rather work with an Athiest to end human trafficking or feed the hungry than to argue with one over theology and history.
            Warmth and Peace

            • Wow Robert-preneur, You have made quite a study of this. Yes, I do think wars are waged more for money than for religion. Well, there is certianly quite a lot of analysis to be done. Hope to keep touching base with you.

            • Robert, thank you for your response and I can see you have tried to make a good case for religion but I think, however, even when the wars have been ethnic like in the case of Rwanda and Yugoslavia, we can still find an element of religion. This is my case, it is in religious books where you find one race or group of people exalted above another and this me and you agree is a recipe for disaster! One group feels obliged to oppress another. I agree that we would need volumes to understand the intricacies of wars but we are agreed on one thing, we can fight human trafficking, child labour and other more important ills that face society than to argue over theology.

  2. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    This post reminded me of an event in my life and inspired me to write a post… It’s titled Proof of God. I hope you can drop by and read it and offer your opinion. Remember I’m young and it’s just my thoughts, thus feel free to disagree but please be kind in doing so = )
    Thanks for a great post

  3. You wrote:

    “Why are you so obsessed? If there is no God, why do you attack Him so vigorously? In essence, you are dealing blows to nothingness.

    I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. And I don’t waste my time trying to discredit her.”

    The tooth fairy doesn’t strap bombs to her chest and blow herself up in crowded civilian areas.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t try to impose Sharia on other cultures.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t issue fatwas calling for the death of cartoonists or writers.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t blow up abortion clinics.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t knock on my door and try to tell me to believe in her.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t influence politics.

    The tooth fairy doesn’t try to stop the teaching of evolution in schools.

    Shall I continue?

  4. Exactly something I have thought, and said, for quite a while.

  5. mr msb – that was logical, funny, and very much to the point. thanks so much for writing these msbs. Judy M.

  6. “I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. And I don’t waste my time trying to discredit her.”

    And you are correct to do so.

    However, what if those who did believe in the Tooth Fairy (or a variation…some believe in Tooth Pixies, some in Tooth Trolls, but they’re all Tooth creatures of one kind or another) made up the majority of the country you lived in?

    What if, then, the tooth fairy believers tried to change laws that gave their belief special rights and privileges? What if they tried to get belief of the tooth fairy taught in public schools as science?

    I’m an atheist. I don’t attack any gods. I attack the actions made by believers in gods that are harmful or immoral.

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  8. noordinaryjoy61

    Spot-on! Excellent post!!

  9. Everything that thegreatantagonizer said plus this link to a visual so that it is easy to see why religion poisons everything.

    If the tooth fairy was actively trying to oppress and harm people the way that the big 3 monotheistic religions are, then I’d fight the tooth fairy too.
    Religion doesn’t blow up buildings and burn witches even though the Abrahamic faiths all have holy texts which advocate such as that and worse. It is believers that kill in the divine name of their deity.

    If believers would keep their faith in their own homes and churches and stop trying to peddle it off as science curriculum and government policy then nobody much would care what they think about before they lay down to sleep at night. The trouble is that they don’t and can’t. The very texts that their faith relies on tells them to oppress and kill those who do not believe or even those who blaspheme or apostatize. The pillars of their ‘faith’ tell them to kill. The foundation of their belief is immoral no matter the claim to divine right.

    Don’t tell me that the NT negates the OT – if it does, throw out the ten commandments and all your objections to homosexual relations. When believers apply their faith unevenly and always in their own favor and always against the wishes of the oppressed, it is only right to object loudly. It is not just right, it is the duty of all those who believe in human rights to object loudly, often, and with vigor.

    If you don’t want to feel like you’re being persecuted, go clean up your own back yard. Till then it’s big brush, bucket of tar …. slap, slosh, slather Every believer … with the same brush, and it’s quite fair to do so.

    Just a side note: bloggers can edit a comment before allowing it to be posted so if a word offends you, you can edit it out, or replace it with redaction marks etc.

    • thanks for all the good arguments. thanks for the instruction when using wordpress. I am still learning. I hope to continue dialogue with you and your friends!

      • I like a good discussion. Over at thegreatantagonizer’s blog, I gave something of an apology for what I said. I repeat here: I jumped the gun and reacted poorly. Learning wordpress is not simple as they would like it to be. I hope to continue discussions also. Thank you.

  10. Excellent analogy. Thanks!

  11. I understand what you are saying.

    In fun, “YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN THE TOOTH FAIRY??? 😀 My feelings are hurt…” — Please know that this is in jest.

    I pray for us all, believers and those who do not believe. Take care!

    • I appreciate your sentiment 🙂 not trying to sound rude here, just some advice you may not have thought of. It feels a little condescending when a believer says that they are praying for a non-believer. Like I said, I appreciate your sentiment and I assume you were not being condescending 🙂

  12. Yes quite a bit of effort to explain nothing exists. Good post.

  13. Well said my friend. If God does not exist why bother to refute Him. I am just glad that the God I serve lives.

  14. People want to be recognized for their beliefs, and they’ll scream and shout to get that recognition……..even if they believe in nothing.

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