Daniel’s secret

Anybody who attains wild success these days, writes a book and explains the “secret.”

The Prophet Daniel was second in power in the Persian empire, trusted like no other counselor. More than just competent administration drove him to the top. His secret was prayer.

Three times a day, he neglected his insanely busy schedule to make time for God. This is an important reminder to us Christians who are trying to advance the kingdom of God. A recent survey found pastors pray on average only seven minutes a day.

King David, likewise, sought God’s face as a #1 priority. When he failed to do so, he fell into

sin. Christ also needed time alone with God. The busier they were, the more the Biblical heroes found time to pray.

This is difficult because it is counter-intuitive, especially here in America, where we are barraged by the message that time (working time) is money. Make (more) time for God today.


7 responses to “Daniel’s secret

  1. Yes, indeed. We all need to invest more in God. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. There are many people who can testify that the more they pray the better their life becomes (I’m one of them). It isn’t a causal relationship like we would think. It is a living relationship. Very good post-we can always pray more and with a true heart-better quality. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that men out always to pray and not to faint. That is it is a lifestyle!


  4. Don’t I just know it! And I’m a self-supporting, bi-vocational missionary pastor.

  5. Truly Spoken. Place HIM before all priorities and matters…prayers DO work, they do indeed. Greatly written.

    Mimi Jenkins

  6. Pray without ceasing! Prayer truly does change things. I’ve experienced that in my own life and seen it in the lives of my family and friends. We were never meant to be seperated from God. Prayer is our direct link!! What a resource!!

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