The darker it gets, the clearer the Light becomes

Today I’m filled with buoyancy. The Gospel is now going to advance more than ever because apparently it is receding.

Our nation is becoming darker. Every day, there is more sin: the murder of babies, sexual sin, legalization of drug use, etc. But instead of bemoaning this “decline,” I rejoice. The

What’s the message of this pot? People need this message!

deeper into sin people get, the more desperate they become for answer to the anguish of their souls.

So, let us Christians pray and not whine. Let us outreach. Let us purify our message, eliminating hate. Let’s show love to homosexuals; after all, they are just sinners like the rest of us, not any worse than me and just as needy. Let’s stop being Pharisees condemning to Hell a world crying out for God’s love. Let’s stop trying to legislate morality and show people a better path with our testimonies.

We are on the brink of great revival. Do not blog doom and gloom. Bend your knees and pray. Go on outreach. Hug a sinner. Invite him to coffee. Talk to him and show him he’s a human being.

22 responses to “The darker it gets, the clearer the Light becomes

  1. I will say AMEN to that! Very well said!

  2. Thank you for your post! God is in control and he does not make mistakes.

  3. You make quite cogent points and while I am troubled because I do see this country giving way to immorality I stand with you in believe that there will be a revival in this land and I hope to be on the front lines.

    • Preacher Carter, Yes, it can seem overwhelmingly discouraging. But we are not called to give up. We are called to be light in whatever circumstances. While our brothers and sisters pay with their lives behind the “Islamic veil,” we are called to show the way to a nation that once was “under God.” I think the rules have changed. We can no longer remind America to return to her past. We must be missionaries to the pagans here at home. We must present Christ as a new message to those who have never heard it. May God prosper you in your endeavors. Yours, Mike

  4. There's a frog on my Sprocket!

    Of course, what a great perspective. This is quite encouraging! I really don’t know why I had never thought of this. “what the darkness most fears is the light”
    As days gloom cloudy (figuratively and actually) we seek the sunshine. There is no greater warmth and light that I have known than Jesus and the love He has placed in my heart. I don’t think I could ever love without having been loved by Him first.
    Thank you for another great post and for reblogging my post!
    alison = )

  5. noordinaryjoy61

    Amen and amen!!!

  6. It is true that the darkest time at night is before sunrise but when it is dark it is dark. Thank God for the Son (spelling intentional).

  7. Beautifully said. You cut through the nonsense and represent your Lord as Someone I can trust.

  8. Do everything without complaining or arguing,so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life–in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing. Phil 2:14-16
    Great post. Great hope.

  9. MustardSeed, your kind words are appreciated. I would just add that I believe that we are still a nation under God but some have chosen Baal and other false gods. This is why O am determined to stand.

    Thank you.

  10. You wrote: “Let’s stop trying to legislate morality and show people a better path with our testimonies.”

    I’d put it this way: it’s not our job to make people disobedient to the ruler of the kingdom they inhabit (satan’s), it is our role to encourage them to migrate to a better Kingdom (God’s).
    Maybe an overly simplistic way of looking at things but I think it expresses the basic realities.

  11. Wow… Amen! I am thankful that I worship a sovereign God that is neither surprised nor bothered by the current events. He is bigger than our cities; bigger than America and works all things according to his purpose! We must continue in love as believers and not fall into the temptation of resentment and division. As a Christian young woman I will pray for not only our morals, but also for our nation and our leader.

  12. I like this, all week there has been talk of Jesus coming, we are in end times totally a agree with you as many of us do not share our faith, could be fear of rejection but what’s the worse that can happen compare to going To hell. Yes I agree we need to spread the gospel. Now more than ever. The world has become an uglY a place just as predicted in revelations.

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