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Veteran’s day reminders

Just Cruisin 2

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. A day to honor
those of us who have served, or are serving
in our military. Thank you for keeping
us free, and Happy Birthday to the Marine

We will mention just two things in this
post and close with a quote. While these
two things may not be important to you,
they are very important to us.

The first concerns those of us who fly
the flag at our homes. On Veteran’s Day
the flag should be flown at half-staff
until noon.

If you have a fixed pole, you can put
a black ribbon above the flag but below
the finial. The ribbon should not be
more than 10% as wide as the flag, and
twice as long as the flag.

It should be tied in the center with a
bow so the two resulting parts hang down
as long as the flag.


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Most offensive political cartoon yet

The Closet Pundit

The LAMEST of our generation are the Christians who continue this type of political bashing on Facebook.  Way to go guys – you’re doing a great job of showing Christ in you to those who aren’t saved.  I’m sure they’re all lining up at churches around the country so they can be Just Like You.

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Thanks to all who served