Most offensive political cartoon yet

The Closet Pundit

The LAMEST of our generation are the Christians who continue this type of political bashing on Facebook.  Way to go guys – you’re doing a great job of showing Christ in you to those who aren’t saved.  I’m sure they’re all lining up at churches around the country so they can be Just Like You.

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3 responses to “Most offensive political cartoon yet

  1. I agree that Christians have done a poor job modeling the love of Christ in such volatile issues as homosexuality, marriage and the issues surrounding dependence on the government for handouts. It breaks my heart to read stories about so-called Christians who go to Chik-Fil-A appreciation days and then bad-mouth the homosexual worker behind the counter, for example. It breaks my heart when I see great and mighty Christian leaders who speak out on the importance of marriage (between a man and woman or otherwise) only to turn around and have what appears to be a relationship with a mistress while they are on the road.

  2. thanks for the msb about the results of the election. The perspective you give is the correct one. Thanks Judy M.

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