Need a confidence booster?

Midfielder Gerrard

Comeback king Steven Gerrard rated himself a modest 6 out of 10 before facing Sweden in a friendly. He was lauded for humility.

By contrast, Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic boasted he’s a 10 and then backed it up with a mind-boggling overhead kick from an acute angle that has gawkers jabbering about “best ever in history.”

from 30 yards

Nobody downgrades Gerrard, who got his 100th cap for England, but his performance was lackluster. And nobody is criticizing Ibrahimovic’s behemoth ego after his astonishing performance.

I never believed in myself because there wasn’t really anybody around me as a kid who believed in me. My self confidence bloomed late, starting in college. Just for me to accept the challenge to pioneer a church in Guatemala was a huge step of self confidence/ confidence in God.

Get around people who will build you up, not tear you down. Hopefully, you can find such people at a church. People who tear others down are insecure themselves; they feel better about themselves cutting you down.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another — Pr. 27:17 NIV.

This is one of the uses of the church, that like-minded believers would encourage you and share talents and attitudes with you to make you better. Ideally this support network is a far cry from the hypocritical society painted by many.

We live in an age when growing droves are leaving the church. Has it lost its relevancy? Pundits may prattle, but reform, not replacement, may be the order of the day.

17 responses to “Need a confidence booster?

  1. Charity Fellowship

    Amazing insight into the power of what you believe because you will never consistently act contrary to what you truly believe about yourself

  2. I’ve been trying to find a church I like my entire life, but sadly there is always drama and judgement everywhere you go and it makes it uncomfortable and disenchanted to be in a house of worship. They say to look to Jesus and not the people, but I’d rather avoid the negativity.

    I like to believe Jesus Christ lives in our hearts, therefore church is everywhere. My heart has less drama than a church 🙂

    If people want more others to join their church, the first step would be to drop the judgement and make people feel TRULY WELCOME — not uncomfortable because of what they look like, or because they are quite not where others THINK they should be.

    • It is a sad commentary that people are so bad in the church. After having attended churches for 45 years (my whole life), I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Authro Phillip Yancy left the church for its lack of grace but eventually returned because he didn’t find grace anywhere else. Right now, I am going through a time where I have felt criticized unjustly. It weighs me down. But I am trying to be the person I want others to be: encouraging, unconditionally accepting. I can recognize that I myself have been a Pharisee at some time in my Christian life. I cringe to admit it, but I must be honest. God help you in your search!

      • Great story about Phillip Yancy. I once tried starting my own “church” holding weekly bible studies in my home (moderated by a bible scholar). I called my “ministry” Cool for Christ because I welcomed the “cool” kids who didn’t feel comfortable walking in a church because maybe they wore leather jackets or had long hair, tattoos, etc. This was the early 1990s so that stuff wasn’t socially accepted yet in suburban NJ. I really wished I kept it going, it was a good thing (some even started dating!)

        You definitely sound like a very accepting, unconditional person because you “like” a lot of my posts even the sassy ones 🙂

        I will continue my search, so I hope to someday find the right church for me 🙂

  3. P.S. — I wasn’t being negative, just sharing my experiences with churches. I do go to a church a couple times per year and try to keep my focus on Jesus and not the people 🙂

  4. Hi Pastor
    I have found that as focus shifts ever more to Christ and others, confidence or self-esteem become less and less of an issue. As we find joy in pouring ourselves into the lives of others we can accept our weaknesses, lack of abilities, limitations and say with Paul “when I am weak, then I am strong.” I am a weak man of mediocre abilities but I laugh at myself, this absurd little creature whom God loves with his infinite love. As you have said, others will find the same joy as we open our arms and accept them with their weaknesses. Thank you for your thought provoking posts.
    Please visit my new site at I value your input.
    God bless!

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