Climbing without ropes

Like Spiderman, climbing sensation John Bachar moved quickly up the overhanging rock wall, sometimes sustaining his entire body weight with just a couple of fingers. And he did it without ropes.

When I caught up with Bachar in 1988 for interview on the dangerous sport called free-soloing, he philosophized about the freedom from cumbersome protective gear. He waxed about feeling at one with nature. It was a rush, other-worldly, like a drug.

An amateur rock climber myself, I made no plans to try it. Too many times, I had “popped off the rock” — insider lingo for losing your grip — and been saved by the combination of harness, rope, anchor and belay.

After years of feeding off the intoxicating sensation of brushing with death, Bachar fell fatally in July of 2009. Many other proponents of this extreme sport have similarly died. It would appear foolhardy to shun safety while scaling 100- and 1000-foot rock walls only for bragging rights.

Not only do I use ropes, I also go to church. I see in this body of believers a safeguard. The day I come crashing down, I have brothers and sisters to bear me up. I’m always “on belay.” (I personally am incredibly prone to crashing down.)

Others prefer to unencumber themselves of the church, to go it alone in life. It may feel restrictive, but that same restrictiveness is a safety.

16 responses to “Climbing without ropes

  1. very very nice post..:)

  2. It is easy to see that Bachar literally tossed his life away for the thrills and notoriety. And yet, without Christ many people willingly toss more than their temporary lives on earth away…they face an eternity without God.

  3. The idea of the church as a harness and safety is excdllent. Severe injury awaits those who dare to go without them

  4. Love this! Thank you.

  5. Love the analogy. I did try the free soloing christianity for a while, and it is so easy to get off track and find yourself headed the wrong direction, or worse falling. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall, and this is the sin of the go it aloners – and a fall is coming.

    Very good message bro!

  6. iknowivebeenchanged

    Great message. I mentioned this post in my new post. Thanks for sharing… God Bless.

  7. Thanks Changed! Keep up the good work for Christ!

  8. Well said!

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