It’s pouring out!

Thanks Deviant Art for the stunning photo!

Your life is being poured out.

On what? Paul poured his life out for others… for something of eternal value. But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you — Phil. 2:17 NIV.

Today many are pouring their lives out on the pursuit of material goods. Others on the pursuit of health. For partying. For sport. For pleasure. For enjoyment. Lives are constantly being poured out.

Each man chooses to pour out his life on what he esteems most valuable. The number of days are finite. Through improved health, we may extend our lives. Even so, it will eventually end. When you are done, what will your life have been poured out on?

Will it be something worthwhile? Nobody wants to think about the last drop. But wisdom is to think about it before we get there.

18 responses to “It’s pouring out!

  1. I am not a Christian, if anything, I follow Taoism but I go along whole-heartedly with this sentiment. I found it complemented very well this morning’s ‘Something Understood’ on Radio 4, all about trees.

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    an awesome photo

  3. lovely words…awesome post…

  4. Keeping the end in mind always helps our decisions on the way there…….glad that my random thoughts on “Don’t…..” was a blessing to you……and they were random………:)

  5. Good Morning I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look. I look forward to hearing more from you and your blog posts. Have a wonderful Sunday

  6. Even in the little there is something to pour. I think on the Elijah and Widow story with just enough oil and flour. Its been hard this season for our family but we rest in that as we are faithful so will He reward us when he finds us doing our best with the water we have left to pour. 😉 thanks for the reminder.

  7. Beautifully clear and thought-provoking! *Thank you.* Stunning photos…especially the heart-water.

  8. The mystery is; we must give it away in order to keep it. Give what? Faith…Keep what? Ditto. Pouring out faith never empties since the supply is eternal. We strengthen faith when we pour it out.

  9. Well said. May I use this saying: Nobody wants to think about the last drop. But wisdom is to think about it before we get there. ?? It’s quite profound… Thank you!

  10. Another beautiful reflection Mustardseed. I love the imagery, especially the deviant art photograph! Great post

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