What’s the greatest feeling?

Photo thanks to PatriciaDDrury

On the verge of my wedding, an older friend told me the three happiest moments in life were: marriage, the birth of child, and becoming a grandparent.

Harrison Sommer, former a trial lawyer, opined that the greatest feeling is relief. When he wins, he gushes relief — he will get paid; the stress and uncertainty is over.

Photo thanks Climb St. Louis

I vote for forgiveness. It is something like all of the above-mentioned emotions.

Being forgiven is a part of love, more mature than falling in love, more undeserved than  having a baby or a grandchild. Not everyone who feels love, experiences this subgroup of special love called forgiveness.

It is a compounded relief. Relief is when you’re sweating it out to see if you get it. With forgiveness, you simply don’t stand a chance to get it, but you get it anyhow.

I have been forgiven by my wife. And that is how we are still married today, 22 years later. Anyone can fall in love. Anyone can leave (married) love to go experience the immature rush once again, thinking that’s all there is to love. Not just anyone gets the special privilege of forgiveness and getting a chance to continue with the choice of your youth.

Of course, God’s forgiveness on mankind, available instantly, is the most powerful. If you haven’t yet experienced it, by all means, do so today. He sent Christ to the cross in order to forgive us our sins. All we need do is ask.



17 responses to “What’s the greatest feeling?

  1. Thanks for following my blog.
    I have really been enjoying your insight and wisdom in all your posts. Keep up the good work.

    God Bless

  2. Amen! I’ve also hear that unforgiveness is behind many or most serious illness.

  3. Love your pictures, always! Blessings-:)

  4. Cool post. Forgiveness does combine love, relief, joy and all else. Take care.


    Like your post and writing , GOD bless you

  6. Well-said, brother. Unforgiveness is like drinking cancer; it establishes tentacles within our hearts that stretch throughout our mind and soul, squeezing the life and peace, offered by God, from within. Jesus Himself reminded us that we must forgive others as we have been forgiven and if we don’t God cannot forgive us! Hard pill to swallow. Forgiveness takes it away, just as Jesus took away our sins on the cross. Love you blog!

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