Hey, Coach!

Lighthouse Christian Academy lost every single soccer game last year. This year, it took us one minute to score our first goal, and we finished tied 2-2 against a team that won 8 last year. I’m ecstatic because I’m the coach now.

The kids can’t contain their happiness after the game

I have coached before, first on middle school team, then park league. Then I stepped back from coaching for six months. My kids were on other teams, and I observed the other coaches, who are better than I. One is a Scot with the highest level accreditation for coaching. I’ve eavesdropped and spied.

No use thinking I know it all. I can always pick up something new from others, even if it’s what NOT to do (like cuss).

I see that life coaching is in

We prayed with the other team before the game

vogue. I’ve always enjoyed having a FREE life coach: he’s called “my pastor.” As a generation has distanced itself from the church, people look down their noses upon the pastor and his unwanted advice. As a result, divorce has skyrocketed; kids are cutting themselves in unheard-of numbers as the home disintegrates.

Because we are a small Christian school, we have great players and total beginners.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone; I just enjoy the benefits of being among the dwindling number of Americans who still go to church. A coach — a pastor — is there to bring out the best in you.

14 responses to “Hey, Coach!

  1. Amen this is so true good job…..:)

  2. Congrats on the great team and the coaching and three cheers for the post!!! God Bless:)

  3. Way to persevere and grow in your coaching. Youth soccer is a blast. I have a 13 year old excelling on his club team and school. Love your line about our pastors being free life coaches. Like life coaching is something new? Ha!

    • As far as I can tell, life coaching is an attempt to fill the void. We cast off one thing thinking we don’t need it anymore. Then we see a need and try to fill it with another thing. No doubt there has been many errors made by many pastors. Will life coaches do better?

  4. Your blog is so inspiring! Thanks for stopping by Island Vignettes!

  5. A great pastor/life coach is a huge blessing. It’s wonderful to have someone who serves as a concrete model of living the gospel and can help you develop into a life coach yourself. Such a pastor is worthy of respect, honor and love.


    now this is real news I love this , congratulations ,GOD bless all of you

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