Richard Wurmbrand tells of being tortured for Christ

imagesOut of 14 years in jail under the Communists in Romania, I spent three years alone in a cell 30 feet below ground, never seeing sun, moon or stars, flowers or snow, never seeing another man except for the guards and interrogators who beat and tortured me.

I seldom heard a noise in that prison. The guards had felt-soled shoes, and I did not hear their approach.

images-1I had no Bible, or any other books. I had no paper on which to write my thoughts. The only things we were expected to write were statements accusing ourselves and others.

During that time I rarely slept at night. I slept in the daytime. Every night I passed the hours in spiritual exercises and prayer. Every night I composed a sermon and delivered it (to myself).

I had a faint hope that one day I might be released…

images-2To be in a solitary cell under the Communists or the Nazis is to reach the peak of suffering. The reactions of Christians who pas through such trials are something apart from everything else.


Blogger’s Note: I stumbled across this book With God in Solitary Confinement, with the most unattractive cover, and discovered a gem we need to remember. God’s servants are suffering greatly around the world. They are an inspiration for us to live more whole-heartedly for the Lord. He died in 2001.

12 responses to “Richard Wurmbrand tells of being tortured for Christ

  1. very moving..!

  2. that is so true. Christian preachers are being persecuted. Great post, thanks for sharing it.

  3. noordinaryjoy61

    Incredible story!

  4. Wow makes you consider our suffering rather silly in compared to this.

  5. I have had the privledge to meet Wurmbrand… He was a man of God in the Underground Church in communist Romania… “Tortured for Christ” is an amazing book by him

  6. I starting reading the book Tortured for Christ, I got half way through it and could go no further! It completely appalled me what they went through I cannot in my heart ever imagine treating another person that way for what they believe in! It is so sad and heart breaking knowing what people go through even to this day!

  7. Wurmbrand’s testimony has been an inspiration and challenge to me for many years. Incredible, strong man of God.

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