Stay in the trenches

images-4 imagesThe newspaper profile said that a certain Guatemalan guerrilla refused promotion because he preferred fighting in the trenches over office generalship. His sentiment resonated with me.

In fact, I wonder why so many Christian leaders are actively seeking promotion to get out of day-to-day, gritty, face-to-face discipleship. Maybe, they want acclaim over the hard-but-rewarding work of forming disciples. Even when I was “general images-1pastor” in the Guatemalan churches and K-12 school, I taught 5th and 6th grade. Why? Because it kept me close to disciples.

Jesus ministered to the masses but discipled the dozen. It appears to me that a lot of Christian leaders just want the hoopla of the masses. images-3It may be more gratifying, but the masses did NOT carry on the work after His ascension. It was the 12.

Now, I’m not a higher-up, and I’m loving it. I teach high schoolers. It is sheer joy to see images-2some escape the headlong rush to Hell. It fills me with unending satisfaction see some decide to serve Jesus. However small my part, I know that I am doing what God wants.

18 responses to “Stay in the trenches

  1. very inspirational Mike. I am in a good place to observe. i.e., 2 blocks away and you and the school and the msb inspire me!

  2. The comment,’…the headlong rush into hell,’ is disturbing. Please elaborate.

  3. the masses barely give any feedback.

  4. You hit the nail on the head.

  5. When Billy Graham was asked if he had any regrets, he commented, “I should have trained 12 good men”. Deep Thoughts. Thank you for this!

  6. Great blog you have here! Thanks for visiting mine, too. God bless you and your ministry! 🙂

  7. Look how many people liked this post! This rings true! I wonder how many people in any ministry really are called by GOD (not their egos or immediate need), and strengthened by God for tasks that HE sets for them rather than really wanting to be a big fish in a small pond. Jesus said “It is finished.” when most of the world was unhealed and unsaved. He had done what GOD called him to do. I also wonder how many leaders are in over their heads, and can’t access the support they need from God and others to be steady in the trenches. Blessings!

    • Your observations are spot on. i personally was helped tremendously by a simple analogy a colleague made. Which wrench in the tool kit is more useful? The big one or the small one?
      Of course, no mechanic would say either, so why does Christianity bombard us with the msg that the big fish is the man or woman of God?

    • The original post was right on the money as you have underscored the problem at large. My position, and I count not myself to be lofty, as allowed me to see much and you are correct to say that some in high places have put themselves there having no idea what ministry is all about. Ministry is about service, not accolades and that is where many miss it. Yes, there is a need for administrative positioning but when that positioning pulls from the mandate of Christ, to teach the world, the position is nothing more than a rubber stamp minus the inscription.

  8. Maybe this would eliminate the need for American churches to have “pulpit committees” when a pastor leaves, retires, or dies. Imagine someone in the community or church having been trained to step up and assume leadership.

  9. I taught high school English and history for several years. Never wanted to be a principal, for the reasons you state here. Loved being in the classroom, interacting daily with the kids I taught. Loved your comment that it was not the masses who carried on Jesus’ work, but only the 12.

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