Get the doubt out

Ben Rogers Blog 14Rene Descartes said cognition makes the man:  “I think; therefore, I am.” Mouse in The Matrix defined the essence of man as his fleshly impulses. Researchers of the brain tend to reduce such complexities as love to electrical/chemical reactions in certain regions of the brain.

The “essence” of man is none of these. His essence is “doubt.”

Mouse in The Matrix

Mouse in The Matrix

It is easier to doubt than believe. In many circles, doubting is seen as sophisticated. The pessimist is congratulated for his superior view of reality. Scoffers are popular. The human being becomes so easily discouraged. Feeding doubt comes natural.

George-Washington-Christmas-300x186George Washington lost seven consecutive battles before he scored his first victory, on a Christmas day when he surprised the celebrating (drunk) enemies. Thank God there were people who believed in (his superiors and his subordinates) enough to support him.

imagesHanukkah is a holiday remembering the dedication of the temple after the Barbarians had desecrated it. Let us honor this season by “dedicating” ourselves to believe more in God. Victory comes only to those who believe. To achieve anything worthwhile, you must believe.

Photo thanks to British Columbia ROCKS!

Photo thanks to British Columbia ROCKS!

Even I struggle to overcome doubt. What helps me? Christian friends and fellowship, hearing testimonies of what God has done, reminding myself of miracles, reading the Bible, praying. Neglect a bit the hubbub of Christmas and get alone with God. May the time we use to praise Him for His birth be not so much a time of commercialism but of faith-building.


13 responses to “Get the doubt out

  1. This time of year, and actually all the year round. I love to look at those who came before us with admiration, wonder and a prayerful hope that I still have a chance too!!! I love the song “Littney of the saints” by Matt Mahr

  2. Great advice!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Very similar to the idea of “Advent” which is where Catholics prepare for the coming of the baby Jesus by spending more time alone with God and preparing their hearts for what the Christ child has to offer and brings to the world.

  4. Doubt is constant reinforcing duality…

  5. Great article! I appreciate this kind of no-nonsense, common sense when it comes to our faith. Thank you for sharing. ~Debi

  6. The Photo of rocks and stream is captivating and mystical.

  7. ” Victory comes only to those who believe. To achieve anything worthwhile, you must believe.” LOVE that TRUTH!

  8. yourothermotherhere

    Not to be a disruptive, but take a good look at the white water in the first picture and think of what it reminds you of…

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