About That Whole Taking-God-Out-of-Schools Thing

4 responses to “About That Whole Taking-God-Out-of-Schools Thing

  1. It’s a disgrace that we must see this shirt and agree with its concept. Many people (including some so-called Christians) prefer not to have God in schools, but, when things go south like the disgusting massacre of little children, everyone prays for help. In any case, do you know where I can get this shirt?

    If we cannot get Christians to understand what’s causing our schools to fail and spread that truth, how then are we going to expect non Christians to understand, we’re offering them a two headed coin and there has to be a mutual consensus to our message, we’re more confusing to them than these horrible shootings are?
    YHVH did not allow this to happen, he had to let it happen, free will has consequences, it has responsibilities that must be taught to our children and the only teaching tool that you can properly apply is YHVH’s living word and Yeshua’s saving grace, without either of these two protections of truth and faith, you’ll find evil prevailing…
    How can YHVH promise us a free will and then turn around and take it back from us, he can’t and he won’t, even if that persons intentions are evil, he still has a free will, it’s part of his perfected plan for us, often times, and it’s a growing concern these days, evil is manifesting it’s self into everything that does not have YHVH signature on it, not everything comes from him, much is man made, but nothing the less, it has to be blessed and approved by YHVH, if it doesn’t and isn’t, then it’s open to evil period and that’s where our schools are failing our children, they have stripped the one saving grace that protected our children from demonic assaults and that’s his holy presence, his names sake.
    Job experienced the demonic/satanic attacks all to well as a test to his faith, those demonic attacks should be a warning to us all, they are real and they pray on the weak hearted and weak minded and make no mistake, they can lead that person to commit some really horrible crimes against humanty, take YHVH out of your life and you will suffer dearly by spiritual demonic attacks.
    The kid who murdered these young ones, he wasn’t insane, he was very aware of his surroundings and his intentions, he was premeditated, but make no mistake, he was most certainly demonically possessed or influenced and we will see more of it as the years wither by us, I use wither because it’s exactly what’s happening to our world of sin, the weeds are being left to wither, and there are a lot of them and they are choking out YHVH’s message of hope because we do not choose to keep his name front and center in our lives…
    Remember the election chants, Romney is the lesser evil so vote for him… well, we have allowed for one to many lesser evils in our lives and now they have become an army against us, so the real question that should be asked is, whose truly is at fault for our world of despair, it’s not YHVH’s fault and why have we allowed it to happen, why have we allowed it to get this far as Christians???

  3. You are so right, God does not need our permission. But He has asked that we invite Him into every facet of our lives, especially those of us that consider ourselves His children. This goes WAY beyond prayer in schools. God has said that He will work THROUGH us in this earth realm. This horrific act of Satan himself should wake us up to the purpose/responsibility that God has given us who believe in His son Jesus Christ, who have the power and authority to fight this spiritual war.

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