images-1Muscle loss results from poor nutrition and disuse. Deprived of regular physical exertion, your bulk dwindles. Christians wish for a life without trials, but the result would be smaller spiritual muscles. So God ensures muscle growth, often through trials.

fitness_workout-routine-10-Good-Reasons-To-Exercise-Regularly.-black-womenFeed on the Word of God and insist on growing in the Lord; get out of your church comfort zone and take on new spiritual challenges, projects and goals. Those who dwell in your house go from strength to strength. — Psalm 84:4a, 7a NIV.

10 responses to “Anti-atrophy

  1. Excellent article. Amen!

  2. Good thoughts/advice for the new year.

  3. Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement. You’re quite right. I exercise a lot as I’m training for a marathon and yet we know that the Christian life is a lot like a marathon. Long and hard yet finishing is the ultimate goal. Thank you for the reminder 😉 Kim*

  5. Practical and applicable. The older I am, the more important I know it is to exercise physically and spiritually in order to stay strong. It’s way too easy to grow lazy.

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