Beyond the Mayan Long Calendar and Carmaggedon

At Stonehenge, an end of the world party, yesterday

At Stonehenge, an end of the world party, yesterday

Even though I used to live in their mecca, the Mayan catastrophe yesterday failed to materialize. Now, would Roland Emmerich* please give everybody back their ticket money? We weren’t warned. We were swindled.

images-4When crews widened the 405 FWY  they shut it down for a full weekend in July 2011 and predicted traffic snarls all the way to Paris. Telling everyone to stay home, they said it would be “Carmaggedon.”

Ancient_Mayan_Ruins_Chichen_Itza_MexicoI had an outreach to drive to, and the freeways were entirely empty. The next day the newspapers stated that Angelinos, by NOT using their cars for the first time in their lives, had made the “ultimate sacrifice.”

apocalypse-30I took exception to that. The “ultimate sacrifice” no one I know would be willing to make: to die for a friend maybe, but to die lovingly, givingly, for an enemy, who would? The Christ of Christmas did.

IUltimateSacrifice16x20f you stockpiled food, water, gas and bullets for the much-vaunted Mayan cataclysm, give it to the poor (not the bullets). Because the real end of the world is coming, but it’s not Carmaggedon. It’s Armaggedon. What you’ll need most stockpiled is Jesus in your heart.

* Emmerich directed 2012, a special effects phenom that grossed $770 million. It was based on speculations of a Mayan Long Calendar-predicted apocalypse.

21 responses to “Beyond the Mayan Long Calendar and Carmaggedon

  1. Thank you for visiting Life Beyond the Picket Fence. You have a beautiful ministry here.

  2. Planting Potatoes

    amen…thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  3. Amen and Merry Christmas!!

  4. It is so true that it is an issue of the heart, not anything else. God wants to change us from the inside out. But too often we look only on the externals not dealing with our hard hearts. Thanks for the post.

  5. Wonderful post! Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. great post… Merry Christmas…

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  8. Great Article MustardSeed, you no doubt do cut the Mustard dear friend, great ministry you have here and great job Brother, I pray all you ever need are provided for in our father YHVH’s name,
    I pray your message reaches everyone with an ear and hunger for YHVH’s living word…Amen and and bless you…Thank You!!!!

    • Hahahahaha! Great pun on the mustard stuff. Funny thing though: I really don’t like mustard too much. I prefer salsa!

      • Yummies, Being a Southerner, Salsa is added to about everything LOL, I’ve been making my own for over 20 years and haven’t used the same recipe twice, hahahahahaha…Passion food…
        Stick to fresh produce and you can’t go wrong 🙂
        Merry Christmas, enjoy celebrating our Christ birthday, and do enjoy the salsa brother LOL

        • I love the South! It is so like Gautemala culturally! People have hospitality!

          • Gautemala, I had a chance to go there in 90 and was sent to Sicily instead for a year…The South and Southerners are harshly and wrongly profiled, I hope we can change that. I have traveled quite extensively and each place I go to, my South is always missed. I love her people and your right too, we are very hospitable and no one is treated like a stranger here…

            • Was it the military that sent you far and wide? Or missions?

              • Installed security systems on the military facilities. We had some kind of joint operations going on there with the at the time with Guatemalan Government and were scheduled to go there to install fencing and motion detectors around the parameter of several small jump bases.
                Because my orders were changed to Sicily, I wasn’t briefed on what I would be doing, or what was going on there either, so that part is unknown.
                But, I do believe it was part of the joint drug war operations we have around the world, especially in South America, but can’t say for sure. I was a civilian, never military, but Poppa was a retired Marine, boot camped and retired Paris Island Beaufort SC. awesome play ground for 10 years, beautiful history and colonial heritage that is prevalent to this day, still go there from time to time…There are three African communities and two Jamaican communities that are strictly slave descendents, fished with and learned how to make nets and traps from them, just great people and fiercely protective of who is allowed to live there, you have to prove you are a direct descendent of slavery or you don’t stand a chance…

                • fascinating history! Thanks for sharing!

                  • Not even close to your heroic journeys.
                    YHVH has put you on a path to genuinely helping people and your doing it wonderfully well.
                    Praying you get the funding you need to continue your ministries and will even try to squeeze a little something out of the nothing I have to send you LOL….
                    The tribes I spoke of are in Beaufort S.C., just outside of the Laurel Bay Marine Corps housing, and they truly are fascinating. And when I was there 1971-1978 they were entirely a different culture than the surrounding black communities.
                    I worked with many of them and you couldn’t ask for a more welcoming group of people, very tight nit families and very faithful towards our father YHVH.
                    Maybe, just maybe they have escaped the temptations that are swallowing up so many black youths today, I truly hope that bears true for them…

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