Knowing, not knowing

ATT0022917Knowing what God can do, we don’t know what God can do.

ATT001842That’s why we go to prayer — not out of compulsion or religiosity — but out of wonderment. What unimaginable answer will God produce? The world’s greatest fiction writer couldn’t think up what God does.

Sometimes, you go for a long stretch without seeing ATT001966an answer. Then out of the blue, God moves dramatically, unexpectedly, unforseen. And then praying is gratifying. He is at work always; we do not perceive always. We win at the end, after the enemy has ATT0022315scored so many points that a lopsided victory seems sure.

I think Los Angeles is the city most like Gen. 1:2 — formless and empty, (with) darkness… over the surface of the deep. Out of Los Angeles, has come corruption-propagating

Photo thanks to Ben Rogers Blog

Photo thanks to Ben Rogers Blog

entertainment to poison the world. They may have built this city on rock and roll, but the prayer warrior rebuilds it on prayer. Not only is there Hollywood here, there is also Azusa Street.

A friend of a friend, a super model and an actress, has cancer and is now praying and reading her Bible. When the mask breaks up, you turn to something of true value. Prayer has brought her to Christ and is bringing her to Christ.


12 responses to “Knowing, not knowing

  1. yourothermotherhere

    Sometimes it takes pain to blind us to the world so we can see the light.

  2. My greatest blessings came through pain and sickness. What freedom we have in Jesus if we step out in faith, knowing that the adventure we’re on will bring us to His perfect beauty and will for our lives. Praying for your friend. Karen

  3. I am always amazed when I tell someone that God spoke to me concerning a matter and they look shocked, as if I am lying about God speaking to me. It is very sad that so few people speak to God and expect an answer.

  4. You will be astonished to know who this person is. But is an amazing story of the grace of God. I don’t know when I will be able to share the name of the person being saved now. It is a blessing to hear her story.

  5. Your posts are simple and to the point. I appreciate that.
    My own blog is too verbose most times for me to read through, but it is my “free therapist” so it shall remain so. Although the Lord Almighty is my true help, which is why I appreciate your blog and your pointing to Him.
    Thank you.

  6. It was after I read one of your posts–Prayer is counterintuitive–that I started praying a lot more. Nothing much happened except five of my seven chickens were all killed by a dog in one day. I was sad for the chickens but I rejoiced, for I know Satan hates prayer and will try to stop it. Father gave me a little message through that attack: the two chickens left are named Faith and Charity, like in I CORINTHIANS 13:13 – ‘And now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three.’ If I get another chicken I’m going to name her Hope.

    • You GREATLY encourage me! I’m sorry about the chickens BUT it is exciting that you realize where the source of the trial comes from! As a matter of fact, any time you start doing something new for God, the devil reacts and tries to discourage you from it. If you give up, he has won. If you persist, God is glorified and greater blessing comes later! Hang in there and keep praying!

  7. My word. First I had to study these wonderful pictures; then I could go back and read the text without being distracted 🙂

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