Secure enough to be insecure

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Most are terrified to show their insecurities. They consume a nuclear power plant’s energy just trying to project supreme self confidence.

But because of their fears to be vulnerable, they have deficient relationships everywhere. Having a million “friends,” they don’t have one true friend with whom they can open up. This is especially true for men. This is worse in Los Angeles, where image counts more than substance.

Be secure enough to let your insecurities show — not with everyone, of course, but with a select few people with whom you want to share friendship. Be real.

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Don’t try to prove your self confidence all the time. Don’t try to win every argument, always be right, always win, etc. Let somebody else be better. Be secure enough to accept another person’s gift.



9 responses to “Secure enough to be insecure

  1. This is a big one for many people. When people can do this and not be afraid, they are beginning to mature.

  2. So true, I hid my alcohol problem and my insecurity that went with it, thus avoiding the need to tackle it, only when it got to the point where I held my hands up said I have a problem and admitted my weakness did I find the help I need and God to boot.
    Never be afraid to say I need help!

  3. Everybody has cracks in their armour.

  4. Insecurity often comes assuming you know what other people are thinking, and it’s all negative toward you. I work with this problem a lot in the counseling office. It’s a common thinking error. We often create our own insecurity.

  5. Oh, beautiful post. Thank you!


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