Broke girls as praying girls

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

Being broke is good — for prayer.

I often rued the crushing mortgage that crowded my prayer time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to pray for souls and not have to worry about dollars? Alas, now I no longer have such mind-numbing payments — and now (I’m ashamed to admit) it’s hard to raise the temperature of my prayers.

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

Don’t despair the problem driving you to your knees! Worse is flatlining! The Salvation Army’s founder went so far as to say he wanted his workers in debt to guarantee they would constantly pray!

When the answer does not immediately come, there is a need for patience. Don’t stress out, burn out or flame out. Stick to prayer. God is answering!

I haven’t seen the “Two Broke Girls,” the

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

latest drivel from Hollywood. I only know that being broke — whether you’re two girls, three guys, or a ministerial family — has a flip side.

18 responses to “Broke girls as praying girls

  1. so important to remember the need for patience. thank you.

  2. I don’t know what it’s like NOT to be broke. 🙂

  3. I think being broke makes you appreciate other things in life too

  4. I know that I will always depend on the love of God to help provide for my needs because I will never be wealthy. That is ok, it keeps me close to my Father.


    I have to say that the picture of the little girl drawing brought a few tears to me , what a wonderful picture , thank you . Ray

  6. George Muller didn’t take a salary for his work as a pastor and then leader of an orphanage. He didn’t raise funds for the care of the orphans. Sometimes he was literally praying for a loaf of bread to come that day. But he didn’t take on debt. He believed the only debt he ought to have was the one to love others. Maybe it’s not so much about debt as about recognizing our desperate need, financial or otherwise.

  7. Well said!

  8. I grew up in a preacher’s family, small church, stingy with what they paid the pastor because “he should just trust God to take care of him.” Well, we did; and God did take care of us. It was a wonderful thing to see the way He provided, many times before we knew the need. Being broke is good for prayer; it’s also good for one’s character!

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