The need for beauty — and prayer

from pinterest

from pinterest

The reason why Instagram, Pinterest and other photo-hosting sites are popular is because people crave beauty. I consider observing beauty a basic urge, on par with receiving love.

When I was a literature major, I hungered for a good book, one with jeopardy, three-dimensional characters, and a reasonable but surprising denouement. Above all else, it must evoke meaningful themes that leave reflection lingering.

This is why I pray. I am pursuing the happy ending to the senseless chaos in the lives of people around me. You can watch a drama.

from pinterest

from pinterest

You can admire an art. You can take pictures.

Or you can create living art, the transformation of lives freed from the dungeon of lostness, liberated to the thrill of love, purpose and family found only in God. Some snap photos, others brandish brush, I bow my head.

19 responses to “The need for beauty — and prayer

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  2. so beautiful the photos and especially the words:)

  3. Fabulous post… Truth within simplicity is always noticed. Prayer is an art. Love that.

  4. Love this – thank you! I was just today thinking ‘why pray, is it worth the effort’? Of course, I know it is worth the effort… but the enemy doesn’t want me praying!

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    More reason to pray x

  6. Beauty connects to truth connects to God.

  7. Love the message in this post! Thanks for being so eloquent.

  8. Wise words. I’m only now (at 38) beginning to understand the importance of beauty. Whether it’s a snowy morning, the perfect piece of fruit, or a big, fat smile from my son or daughter…these things nourish me and remind me to thank my Heavenly Father. Great post. Thank you.

  9. Powerful and Beaty-ful post 🙂 I’ve read through several of your posts and they are very insightful and encouraging, thank-you and blessings!

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