You get what you praise for

from pinterest

From pinterest. (This is not me.)

Praise is very much like prayer, only that it is confident (full of faith) of the answer.

One of the “secrets” I have learned in decades of prayer is to have time to praise God. (Usually the “big secrets” that the “gurus” know are simple truths that other people already know anyhow.) This key to successful prayer transformed my prayer life, which previously was something of a whine session.

It also served the second purpose of filling up my faith

Another random photo from pinterest.

Another random photo from pinterest.

tank. As I remembered all the good answers God had brought to my prayers (I compile lists), I am filled with faith to pray for today’s challenges. Yessiree, it’s that simple.

8 responses to “You get what you praise for

  1. I wonder if my experience is true of you too: that the good answers to my praise-prayers were sometimes surprising (to me anyway, not to God!).

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  3. During my morning prayer time, I try to start with praise, and usually my requests for other people flow out of that praise. For instance, one day this week, I started praising God for fulfilling His promises. Then when I began to pray for others, I prayed for those who are waiting to see His fulfillment in certain areas. I prayed they would see God at work, that He would meet their needs, etc. I, too, pray in a different way when praise begins and ends my prayers.

  4. I just did a post today in which I used Psalm 13, which, at the end, reminds us of the importance of praising God for His salvation. Gratitude eliminates whining.

  5. Many thanks for wonderful words of wisdom!

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