Praise protocol

images-1Esther didn’t just leave a sticky on the fridge.

Even though she was queen, she couldn’t just address the Persian Emperor casually. She had to dress appropriately, prepare some meals, and then make the formal petition. Haman, the enemy of the Jews, was done for.

funny-133There’s a parallel in prayer. When you go before the Emperor of the Universe, you might want to observe certain protocol (we Americans know nothing about protocol, but the rest of world does!). You might want to prepare your heart with praise. “I will enter His gates with thanksgiving.”

ATT001904You might want to “enthrone” God first. There’s a place for addressing God as our Daddy, and there’s reason to dismiss much of the religious ritual used by dead and dying churches. BUT, we ought not be overly casual with the Almighty and err at the opposite extreme.

If you present yourself before the Queen of England, a 6’4″ guy will brief on correct behavior. You probably don’t want to use vulgar language and expect a high five. So too before God, enter with confidence to His presence, but go in with praise!

14 responses to “Praise protocol

  1. Love the church sign!

  2. This is a great message today. My journey with God and faith is a little different than yours, I believe. For me, it’s about a relationship with my maker. I keep an attitude of gratitude, a work in progress faith, but I keep it personal. Deeply, genuinely personal. He deserves my praise and worship without a doubt, and I am humble in my dealings with him, but I can’t separate him from my heart. I can’t imagine him as an untouchable, fearful entity or I will lose my relationship with him, I will lose the intimacy I offer. I feel sharing my heart and being open to receiving his grace needs no ceremony, only gratitude, humility, and faith. There’s my two cents – from a stumbling, bumbling, fallible person searching for a relationship with God.

  3. The protocols of man have often put a barrier between totality and the people. Even this practice was done in rhe old restament. but Christs death tire the veil that seperated the people from their God in this formal way. I agree with you that our Lord is to be esteemed with the highest respect. But I am His child and I walk with Him always, not approach him occasionally. Thank you for sharing. I know your heart and intent is beautiful as is your soul. With so much love, Sheri

  4. I will say Grace when I enter the kingdom.

  5. Amen! Sing a new song to the glory of the Lamb! I will rejoice for He has made me glad, and free. Thanks Mustard Seed!

  6. It’s good to read this. We should honour everybody. But it isn’t true about lack of protocol in the USA, or so I’ve heard from my friend who is married to an American. Compared to here in Australia, men tend to treat women better by opening doors etc. And your president is addressed as Mr President no matter what those people think of him. I wouldn’t dare repeat some of the names and titles I’ve heard our prime minister being publicly addressed as. Or describe some of the mocking cartoons drawn about her.

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